Meeting summary - Jan 6th

1. Draft letter was presented by Marvin Ryder to P & P on January 5th. Some additional information was added for clarification and a final draft sent to Mr. Darling and the Provost for signatures and distribution to the campus. Copy of final draft will be circulated to the group.

Once we know the letter has been sent for distribution, the web pages will be moved into the public area and a note sent to g-admast as well as an article placed in the Courier.

2.RFP - final draft is ready subject to any additional comments or suggestions being received from the campus community. RFP be sent to the list of selected suppliers on Monday January 18th. The Advisory group is scheduled to meet with suppliers on Monday February 1. Suppliers to make their submissions in response to the RFP by 3pm Thursday Feb. 11. Copies of each suppliers submissions will be distributed to group members by Monday February 15th. We will then individually evaluate responses from each supplier before meeting as a group. Three meetings will be scheduled to discuss and reach consensus on the selection of a short list of "preferred suppliers". Meeting dates are Feb. 17, 22 and 29 at 10:30 am in ABB 131L. We anticipate having presentations made by each supplier on the short list so we have an opportunity to discuss details of their proposals during March.

3. Evaluation Criteria

There will be two components to the evaluation criteria used to evaluate supplier responses to the RFP. A "general" section worth 100 points and a separate "technical" section (propose this is worth an additional 50 points - comments?).

The summary of each persons weightings for each of the categories in the "general" evaluation was distributed. After clarification on one or two areas within the categories and some underlying assumptions, the group was able to reach a consensus as follows:

Customer Service
Total Acquisition Cost
Product Range & Service
Company Background
Suitability of Proposed Solution
25 points
25 points
20 points
15 points
15 points
100 points

The complete details of the Evaluation Criteria will be posted on the web for the campus community. The Advisory group will use this scheme in evaluating the supplier responses to the RFP unless new items suggested by the campus community should be included.

The Chair will ask the Technical subgroup to reconvene and make recommendations for items to be included in the Technical Evaluation section that would be common to the campus community. When we have selected the short list of preferred suppliers, they will be asked to provide evaluation systems that various area representatives can "try out" with their faculty or department specific requirements.

Next meeting will be the Advisory Group meeting with the suppliers on Monday February 1st unless there is an issue arising beforehand that needs to be dealt with.

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