Meeting summary - Dec 17th

1. Letter to campus community now in hands of VP Admin & Provost for approval

2.Draft web pages available at url - please send any comments, suggestions. NOTE: this site is restricted to McMaster access only. Information contained is not "public" and not to be shared with any suppliers.

3. Technical subgroup report - Roger walked us through the proposed technical specifications for a standard desktop (plus options) and standard laptop (plus options) systems. The Advisory group made a few suggestions for changes which Terry will include and circulate as part of the final draft RFP. Thanks to the group for their work!

4. RFP Reminder: send any comments for changes to Terry no later than January 5th afterwhich the final RFP will be sent to our chosen list of suppliers.

5. We reviewed the draft list of criteria and made a few more suggested changes. Heather will circulate an update to the group to ensure we are all working with the same version. Advisory group members will then individually apply a ranking/weighting scheme by distributing 100 points across the various criteria. We will be comparing and trying to reach consensus at our next meeting on these rankings.


John Fox supplied some information from Consumer Reports which Heather will have copied and distributed to group members. Please see the follow web pages for the latest PC reviews: and/or down to their "Your Favourites" section and select "Service and Reliability Rankings" - also has links to "The Perfect PC")

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