About our Ecumenical Chaplain & MCMC

McMaster University’s Ecumenical Chaplain is Andy Crowell. Andy is also Minister of Westdale United Church next door to McMaster. His 30 years of ordained experience is informed by the ethic of compassionate-justice, and he believes that the best path to honor our human diversity is by embracing our common humanity. Andy has a great enthusiasm for intellectual honesty, heart-felt faith, and people (of all ages, conditions, orientations and stations of life). He values the simple everyday gestures of kindness and integrity as containing the DNA for how we can meaningfully live and love in a sometimes cynical and complicated world. Above all Andy values that it is being ‘in community’ that we experience our greatest hope. In addition to being a chaplain/minister, Andy has been a Soccer and Athletics coach at University and National levels. He continues to be actively involved in a variety of endurance sports including Iron Man competitions.

What does a University Ecumenical Chaplain do?

A university Ecumenical Chaplain is a person trained for and senstive to "spiritual care" in an academic environment. Ecumenical chaplains support individuals relationally, practically, spiritually and intellectually. Regardless of the chaplains own background, or yours, university chaplains engage with those traditions and individuals who respect the "whole person", and challenge those who don't. This is what we mean by "ecumenical".

The McMaster Campus Ministries Council

The McMaster Campus Ministries Council (MCMC) is a group of staff, faculty and students who are part of the university. The Council also includes representatives from the Anglican, Presbyterian and United Churches as well as members of the Hamilton community. These members volunteer their time to discuss the needs of students, staff and faculty (from varied departments) on campus. The council works and supports the Ecumenical Chaplain to help guide responsive programming and events. The Council meets twice a term, while the Executive Council meets twice a month. We are in search of student council members, if interested please contact us!

Support the Ministry

The work of the Ecumenical Chaplain is supported by annual grants from the Anglican Diocese of Niagara, the Presbyterian Church in Canada and the United Church of Canada, as well as by donations from local churches, McMaster staff and faculty, retirees, and community members. By clicking on this live link you can support the Chaplaincy Centre through a donation in just one easy and safe step.

Soup's On!

Building community! Meeting other students on campus can sometimes be difficult especially if you are in a class of 250+ students. One of the great things about university is getting the chance to meet others and to share great experiences with them. This free Soup Lunch for students makes it all happen --you get to meet others in a relaxing environment, share with them or enjoy the company of others, and eat a healthy lunch. Come out and join Andy every Wednesday in January in MUSC 206/207 at 12:30 pm.

This weekly event has been made possible through community members who want students to have a healthy and great experience --volunteers Carol P. and Carolyn K., the Real Food Market in Westdale Village who prepares the soup, and a fantastic group of donors faculty, alumni, staff, and community members.