Payment Agreement

The Payment Agreement (PA) is the mandatory, second step of the SOLAR online registration process. The PA is only an interactive registration tool that acts as an agreement between you and McMaster University confirming your intent to pay. This process MUST be completed by the deadlines outlined in Important Dates in order to be FULLY REGISTERED. The Payment Agreement will provide a complete summary of your fees upon confirmation. If changes are made to course load, or once information like OSAP, scholarships, bursaries becomes available, you must update your Payment Agreement by re-confirming and saving the changes.

Your Payment Agreement is only a registration tool and does not reflect any payments you make or actual balances owed. You should confirm your PA immediately upon completing your course selection and verification on SOLAR. However, in order to get the most accurate picture of what you fees will be, it's important to reconfirm your Payment Agreement as you add/drop courses, as well as when other information becomes avaible to you (i.e. OSAP entitlements, Scholarships, Residence, Meal Plans, etc). Payment Agreements can be updated as many times as you need to until September 1.

Because you are limited in time as you work through your Payment Agreement, we recommend the time-saving measure of reviewing the following before beginning the registration process:

* Guide to Completing the Payment Agreement -
* Fees
* Funding Options and Payment Plans

NOTE: While your academic SOLAR session may close and then re-open on another date, your Payment Agreement remains open for the entire registration period.

When you are ready, click MUGSI then click on "Payment Agreement" under "Hot Links".

Payment Arrangement Form (PAF)

Payment Arrangement Form is only required for students who DO NOT have access to SOLAR.

The PAF is a formal financial agreement with McMaster indicating how you intend to pay your fees.

You will be granted financial approval only when your PAF and required payment have been received by the Student Accounts office and verified to be correct. Please see Important Dates for your deadline date.