Your student account

Your student account is an account created specifically for you. You can access your student account 24/7 by going through MOSAIC/student center/finances/account inquiry. In it, you will find all financial activity and balances. Please read the section below on debits and credits. It is a student's responsibility to be aware of all financial activity in their account as well as any follow up that may be required. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you review your account as often as once per month, and more during peak activity times (beginning and end of study terms).

The following is detailed information based on questions we hear the most:

Statements online only

In keeping with McMaster's direction to respect the environment, bills and statements are no longer mailed out. All student account balances and activity can/should be viewed 24/7 by the student through MOSAIC/student center/finances/account inquiry.
Tip: If your parents are involved in making payments toward your account, this account inquiry may be of interest to them. They will not be able to access it without your help, so it may help to make arrangements with them for regular updates.

Debits vs. Credits

Your account will be a series of debits and credits to reflect all activity through the month.

Debits are charges to your account—tuition, residence, meal plan, fines, bookstore charges and interest. These will show up as a positive number in the online account.

Credits are payments to your account - payments made by you, scholarships, OSAP and bursaries. These will show up as a negative number on your online account.

You will have the ability to go as far back as to the beginning of the session to see all accumulated activity for the entire year.


Interest is charged at an Annual rate of 14.4% (1.2% per month) subject to change. A full month's interest is calculated on any unpaid balance on the last day of each month, starting in September.

When fees charge

As soon as you begin to enroll in courses you will see the charges appear on your student account.

Keep in mind that if you add or drop any courses after drop and add deadline, your fees will be reassessed immediately and show on your account. Please see Cancellation schedule for more details.