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Self-Service Forms

The following forms can be accessed by students quickly and efficiently by loggin on to MOSAIC > Student Center > Other Financial - Drop-down menu > Enrollment / Financial Letters >> Select Career, Term and the type of letter you want >Print. See below for when these forms may be needed.



Invoices provide proof of cost. Examples of agencies who may need this are, but are not limited to:

  1. An external agency (i.e. a government department, some Education Savings Plans, First Nations, WUSC, etc)
  2. A private company scholarship/sponsorship (some parents have scholarship programs through their employer)


Invoices indicate a proof of cost, summary of fees, payments made, academic sessions, etc.


Reimbursement Letters - (no longer used)


If you require a letter to have your costs reimbursed, you will now find that Invoices provide the same information.




Dependent Spouse Bursary / Staff Tuition Assistance Forms

If you are an employee taking courses or a spouse/dependent of an employee, you will need to fill out either form in order for the assistance to be paid to your account. For more information, please see Working at McMaster web site.