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Payment Methods


To avoid Late Payment and interest charges, please ensure your payment is received on or before the Payment Deadline Dates.


To verify that payments have been received, regularly review your Account (Student Center > Finance > Account Summary) on MOSAIC.


* EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2016: Cash / Cheques no longer accepted as payment method.




McMaster's Preferred Payment Methods


Paying from a Canadian bank account?


Online / In-Branch banking - (fast, secure, most economical option)


SET UP (only done once)

  1. Online/teller banking payments are made through your bank's website or with a letter at your branch
  2. Go to Bill Payments
  3. Add a Payee (or new bill)
  4. Add McMaster as a new payee
  5. Enter your 9-digit student number as the requested "account number"
  6. Confirm


MAKE A PAYMENT (can be accessed 24/7)

  1. Log in to your bank's website (or visit a teller at your branch during opening hours)
  2. Go to Bill Payments
  3. Select McMaster University
  4. Enter the amount you wish to pay
  5. Enter the date of payment as either the current date (or you may post-date it to 2-3 business days before our Payment Deadline Dates).
  6. Confirm

Payments made this way take 2 - 3 business days to show in student account


Online Banking: You will receive a confirmation page upon completion of the online transaction. Keep for your records.
In-person Banking: You will be provided a paper receipt of payment.

Paying from an International bank account?


July 7-8 ALERT: Western Union Globalpay will be updating their student platform from July 7 at 7:00pm - July 8 at 2:00am, 2018. During this time, there will be no access to make payments using this method. Critical payments should be made by 5:00pm July 6 to avoid delays.



Western Union GlobalPay for International Students




Step 1: Go to Wester Union Globalpay - student platform or select the "Make a Payment" button from your Student Centre and follow the directions for Western Union Globalpay.


Step 2: Process Payment

  • Enter student details (name, ID number)
  • Enter the amount of Canadian dollars to pay
  • Select payment currency
  • Finalize transaction


Step 3: Bank Transfer

  • Use payment confirmation form to make a payment with your bank.
  • Local bank will transfer funds to Western Union Business Solutions Canada and they will send the funds to McMaster.


Step 4: Payment Finalized

  • McMaster University will post the Canadial Dollar equivalent to your McMaster student account.


Note: This is not a payment through Western Union Agent locations. Please see #1.



  • you will receive an exchange rate that is valid for 72 hours, which you accept, meaning you will always know the amount you are going to pay in local currency at the time you are send your payment.
  • GlobalPay offers rates that are more competitive
  • To get the benefit of this service, it is important that you first arrange details for your payment to go to Western Union GlobalPay, not directly from your bank to the school.


When can you pay using this service?

You can use Western Union GlobalPay anytime of year, for any amount or type of fee you have owing on your student account.

McMaster's preferred methods of payment are listed above. Students who pay by any other method, or through any other third party, do so at their own risk. McMaster will not be held responsible for any subsequent loss to the student.

Other Payment Methods


To be used if preferred methods above are unavailable.




  • Participating banks are: Scotiabank, RBC, BMO only
  • Note: VISA/Debit client cards do not work with this payment method, only the regular client debit cards
  1. Select the Make a Payment link located in the Finance section of your Student Center. Follow the instructions for INTERAC Online.
  2. All payments made through INTERAC Online show on your Account Statement as "pending" that day, then as a payment the next business day
  3. Currently, students who bank with BMO, RBC, Scotiabank can use this method (Daily limits may apply). 
  4. You will need to have your bank debit card ready.
  5. Follow the directions as indicated.



  1. Select the Make a Payment link located in the finance section of your Student Center. Follow the instructions for Credit Card payments
  2. Have your credit card information and PIN available
  3. A non-refundable convenience fee of 1.75% will be charged over and above your payment amount to use either service.
  • For more information on making credit card payments and the convenience fee, click Credit Card - F.A.Q.
  • In order to avoid late payment and other administrative charges, submit no later the Payment Deadline Dates.