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Parents Page

Student Accounts and Cashiers recognizes and respects the important role parents play in the education of their children. Our Parents Page is specifically designed to give parents the reference material they need to aid in their children's financial responsibilities.


Helpful Tips

1: Please review Important Dates and Deadlines (link below) with your child. It helps to be able to have a plan so that the enrollment and payment process is seamless.


2: If your child is covered under your health and/or dental plan, he/she may be eligible to opt-out of the MSU Health and Dental plan for students (which is part of the mandatory Supplementary Fees). The opt-out period is September 1 - 30 only. No late applications are accepted. For more information about the opting-out process, your child should consult the MSU Health and Dental opt-out


3: Beginning a new school year, especially for first year students is a very exciting time, and as well, there is lots to do to get settled into courses and lots to discover around campus. There is quite a bit of information out there for your child to process, so we encourage parents to support by reading as much as possible. Our web site is an excellent source of financial information.


4: With respect to the environment, McMaster does not mail paper bills or statements. All student account balances and activity can be viewed 24/7 by the student through logging into MOSAIC/Student Center/Finances/Account Inquiry. It is a student's responsibility  to view their account regularly throughout the year (especially at the beginning of a term) to ensure that all charges are as expected, all payments have been received, and to be aware of their account status. Because of FIPPA, we are unable to discuss specific account information with anyone but the student, so if you require updates on this information, we encourage you to make arrangements with your child to view.


5: The Student Affairs office distributes a quarterly Parent's Newsletter containing useful information about what's going in your child's life here at McMaster. We often make submissions to that newsletter when we have upcoming newsworthy items. To subscribe, please click the link above.


Financial Resources
List of funding resources with detailed information

Student fees
Tuition fees outlined according to the program your child is in and their academic level


Important Dates and Deadlines
Important dates you should make note of for the entire year


Copies of our quarterly newsletter as well as seasonal Special Editions, information and presentations


FIPPA (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act)
Information on with whom we may speak regarding your child's specific account information. Note: Our staff will be glad to speak to parents and interpret any information found on this web site However if specific account information is required, we must speak directly to the student.



If there is information you need and would find helpful on this page but can't find it, please do not hesitate to Contact us with your suggestions.

Tax Certificates


T2202A Tuition Tax Certificates are only accessible online. Students will need to access their official certificate through MOSAIC (see link below). Click Tax Certificates Newsletter for more details in this year's Tax Receipt Special Edition newsletter. Note: It is important to remember that the dollar amounts reflect not what was paid for tuition that year, but what tuition was charged in tuition for that tax year. If you have any questions regarding the dollar amount, please contact our office. If you have any questions regarding the months that are on your T2202A, please contact the Registrar's Office at ext. 24796.


T4A (Other Income) Certificate reflect scholarships and bursaries applied to the Student Account within that tax year. These certificates are mailed to the student's address on MOSAIC. If you or the student have any question about the amount on the certificate, please refer to the student account (going back to January of that tax year - could be term 2 of previous academic year). If you still have questions about this particular certificate, please contact Student Financial Aid and Scholarships at 905-525-9140 ext.24319.


Residence: There is no tax certificate for Residence as Residence Fees are not rent and cannot be claimed as such. You may claim a small amount for living in residence. For more details, please see the Tax Certificates Newsletter

Please click on the link below for other important student information.


Student Success Center - An excellent resource for incoming students and parents on what to expect as well as services available to help make your first year a successful one!