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Other charges you may see on your account

There are miscellaneous charges that could be assessed to your account other than tuition, residence and meal plan fees. Students sometimes incur fees and fines from other departments at various times during the year. Those departments will first try, through regular correspondence, to collect the fees. But when the fee is not collected, they are put on the student account. It is important to regularly review your account throughout the year for any additional fines and new balances.


Library fines
Replaced ID cards
Parking fines
Missed medical appointments
Residence fines (lock out fees, lost key fee, residence damages, etc)
Student Code of Conduct

Regular administration fees

There are standard administration fees that will be assessed during the year to students carrying a balance owing, such as interest, late fees, etc. Click here for a list of Financial User Fees.

Bookstore purchases

As a service of convenience, students may use their McMaster student ID card to purchase books or supplies at The Campus Store. The bookstore purchase will be applied to the student's account and be added as a balance owing. As any other charge on the account, bookstore purchases are subject to interest, but interest will only begin the month after the actual purchase.


Course cancellation charges

If a student cancels a course after the drop and add period, they will incur cancellation fees. While financial implications exist, students can cancel courses at any time during the year. Click on Cancellation schedule for dates and charge rates.


If you see charges with which you do not agree, you should start by contacting the department that charged the fees to discuss.