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Undergraduate Students - All programs

MSU Health and Dental plan fees


The MSU Health and Dental Plan fees are part of the mandatory supplementary fees charged to undergraduate students enrolled in 18 or more units at any time during the academic year. Along with all supplementary fees, both Health and Dental plan fees are charged to the student account at the beginning of the academic year.


If you are a student who is covered under a parent's Health and /or Dental plan, you may be eligible to opt out of the university plans.


Opt-out forms are available through the MSU web site during the opt-out period of September 1 - 30. Late applications are not accepted. The opt-out link can be found on the MSU web site and will be operational during the opt-out period:


Once you have completed the online opt-out process, and it has been verified and accepted by the MSU office, a reimbursement cheque will be prepared and mailed directly to the student (to the address they have entered on your Student Center). Or you can opt to have the money directly deposited into your personal bank account. The original MSU charge for both health and dental plans will always remain on the student's account as owing, and should be covered in the payment of school fees.


For more information on the extent of coverage you receive through these plans, or for the process to opt-out, please contact Victoria Scott at or phone ext. 23251. 


OPIRG supplementary fee

OPIRG stands for Ontario Public Interest Research Group-McMaster


We encourage you to read more about what this group does before you make your decision to opt-out. Their web site can be found Blog: or by phone at Phone: 905.525.9140 ext. 27289

OPIRG's core funding comes from full-time undergraduate students. If you do not wish to support the work of OPIRG McMaster, you can claim a full refund by bringing your student card to the OPIRG office. This must be done within three weeks of the Fall term drop and add deadline, when your student status has been finalized.


Undergraduate students - Engineering program only

Engineering Endowment Supplementary Fee

Opt-Out period: deadline approximately mid-December (changes yearly)


Emails are sent out to all engineering students from the engineering society with opt-out information and forms.

Information: or on MES Facebook page

Form: - click on "MacLab opt-out form"



Graduate students - GSA health and dental plan fees

For detailed information about the GSA health and dental plans and opting-out procedures and deadlines, please visit the GSA website at: