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External Agency /Company Sponsorship / Out-of-Province Loans


External Agency/Company Sponsorships are when funds from an outside agency makes payment directly into your student account. Examples of External Agencies are below.

  1. An external agency (i.e. a government department, some Education Savings Plans, First Nations, WUSC, etc)
  2. A private company scholarship/sponsorship (some parents have scholarship programs through their employer)



Self-Serve Proof of Enrolment


It's possible these agencies or companies may require confirmation of enrollment or reimbursement letter from us outlining the cost of your registration and/or what courses you are enrolled in. For your convenience, MOSAIC as set up various online letters you can print from home that will confirm your specific information. Log on to MOSAIC, click the Student Center tab, go to your Finances section, down to the pull-down menu. Select from the list the most appropriate form, and print!


Out-of-Province Loans


Student Financial Aid & Scholarship is responsible for confirming enrolment for out-of-province loans.



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