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R.E.S.P. - Registered Educational Savings Plan


Students whose family have purchased an R.E.S.P. either through the bank, government or privately, will want to access these funds to pay for your education.


Depending on what kind of R.E.S.P. was bought, the purchaser will need to help coordinate, making sure the funds can be released in time to make the Payment Deadline Dates. A quick phone call to the office where the plan is registered will help you set up your plan of action for a withdraw. We recommend you call 6-8 weeks prior to the payment due date to gather your information. You should find out:

1. Exactly what forms are required

2. How long the withdraw process will take

3. How (to whom) the payment is made

4. What follow up is required


Proof of Enrollment

Most plans require proof of enrollment. For some plans that means a Confirmation of Enrollment letter from the school, some have their own exclusive forms they need completed.


Self-Service letters

Students can access different letters/invoices through their Account Inquiry section of their Student Center in MOSAIC. By clicking the drop-down menu, different letters that may fulfill your R.E.S.P. requirements can be selected and printed from home.


Registrar's Services

For some R.E.S.P. providers who need specific letters not available through self-service, the Registrar's office can accommodate your needs. For their contact information, click The Office of the Registrar.