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McMaster Dependent/Spouse Bursary


This funding option is for eligible for dependents and spouses of McMaster University employees.


This program assists with tuition costs to a yearly maximum, but does not cover total fees. You are responsible for payment of fees over and above the amount awarded, by the payment due date of each term for which you enroll.


Staff member responsibilities:

  1. A separate application for Dependent/Spouse Bursary must be completed for each term. The form can be downloaded by going to MOSAIC/Student Center/Finances/drop-down menu. From the drop down menu select Dependant/Spouse Bursary and print the form. Staff who do not complete the form or go through the approval process for each term will not be awarded the assistance. Forms should be printed, completed and submitted to HR 2 weeks prior to the course start date
  2. To avoid delays with the assistance being paid, staff members should bring their completed form to HR for verification 2 weeks prior to the start date of the course. A copy of the approved form will be forwarded by HR to Student Accounts and Cashiers for processing.


Dependent or spouse responsibilities:

  1. Pay the fees not covered by the assistance no later than the payment deadline for the term..
  2. Review your student account (Student Financials tab) to ensure payment has been made by HR (this may take a few weeks)
  3. Follow up with HR/Student Accounts office if no assistance has been made to the student account (by a few weeks after course has begun)

For more information about how staff tuition assistance works, and the yearly maximums, click Dependent/Spouse bursary policy or the Working at McMaster website.