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Some Funding Options require a form to be completed to accompany a registration. If the messages on your Payment Agreement notified you to complete a form, you will find it here.


It is recommended that you fill out these forms 4-6 weeks prior to the start of your program.


External Agency Student Information Form (EASIF)
This form is intended for students who are receiving funding from an external agency/company outside of McMaster University, who will be depositing fees to your student account on your behalf and who requires verification of your fees. Please send us your completed forms by hand or by fax (905)-527-3615. If you want us to forward the form to your sponsor, please include the sponsor's contact information with fax number. with faxing directions If your sponsor does not need verification of your fees, you do not need to complete this form. We do not require a copy for your registration.



CIBC International Wire Transfer Form (International Wire Transfer form: For students whose payments are coming from an international bank account).


Students/parents who are paying fees from a non-Canadian bank account can now make online payments with less delays and service charges than the traditional international wire transfer. Try Western Union (formerly known as Travelex) as a payment method. You will find it is a faster and more cost effective method of payment.

Read about here.


McMaster Staff Tuition Assistance
Financial assistance for McMaster employees.


McMaster Dependent/Spouse Bursary
Financial assistance for family members of McMaster employees.

If your program requires you to register using a paper form, please see your program coordinator for the correct and updated form.