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Reading your converted financial balance - from MUGSI to your new Mosaic account

Your account statement PRE MARCH 13, 2015: If you were enrolled in the 2014-2015 or 2013-2014 academic year, the (now retired) MUGSI view of your Student Account Statement has been temproarily made available. We recommend using this view for all account history prior to March 13, 2015.


MUGSI Account History: To view your student account history previous to March 13, 2015, log on to Mosaic. On your Home Page, under My Learning Links section, select "MUGSI Account History" button. Log in as usual. Select the month you would like to see your charges start, and click "Submit".


Your account statement POST MARCH 15, 2015: If you were enrolled in the past 2 years, all your account history from the past 7 years was converted to your Mosaic account. This converted data is not itemized and is not useful to students who prefer a breakdown of charges. Alternatively, all post March 15, 2015 activity is itemized, and will be where you verify and review all account activity going forward.


Converted Data in Mosaic (below) : To satisfy auditing and taxation requirements, all your financial history from the past 7 years was grouped by type, prioritized by date and brought forward summarized to your new Mosaic Student Account. While it contains charges from the 2014-2015 year, the breakdown does not reflect your 2014-2015 year only.



  • TOP SECTION: Summary of Charges by Due Date. The first Running Total reflects the correct balance owing at the date of conversion (from MUGSI on March 13, 2015). The second Running Total was from new charges added since the opening of Mosaic (March 15, 2015). Any new activity will show by date.
  • BOTTOM SECTION: Details by Due Date. Due Date 2014/09/01 contains summarized conversion data. This may appear unusual. New charges (post March 15, 2015) added by date, with descriptions and new Running Total is provided.



Here is how your Charges Due page will look.



Your account going forward:


  1. All ongoing “Running Totals” reflect charges and payments made in Mosaic (post March 15, 2015)
  2. Starting March 15, 2015, all transactions are in real time, and will appear by date processed.
  3. It’s still very important to regularly review your account to ensure going forward all charges are as expected, all payments have been received and all balances are paid in full.