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Cancellation Fee Schedules for Undergraduate Students

Before making the decision to decrease your number of units, it is important to weigh both the academic and financial implications. It's important to understand that an academic deadline can have a different meaning than a financial deadline. A decision to cancel a course late may satisfy an academic need, but may carry financial implications that may be unsatisfactory. Before dropping or canceling a course, all students should:

    1. First, discuss the pros and cons of your decision with your academic advisor in your faculty

    2. Then, review the cancellation schedules below to understand what financial consequences may be present.


Financial implications:

Understanding the difference between a dropped course and a cancelled course is financially critical.


Dropped courses
Any course dropped before the last day to add courses (drop & add) within a session.
Dropped courses are removed from your student record, and although are not subject to cancellation fees, may have financial consequences (i.e. reduced OSAP entitlement, loss of Entrance Scholarship, MSU Supplementary Fees)


Cancelled courses - Any course cancelled after the last day to add courses (drop & add) within a session.
Cancelled courses remain on your student record and are indicated as "cancelled".
Cancelled courses are subject to cancellation fees, and may have other financial consequences (i.e. reduced OSAP entitlement, loss of entrance scholarship or MSU Supplementary Fees). 


Important things you should know:

  1. The table below represents the percentages charged for tuition only. Supplementary fees are non-refundable. 
  2. If at any time during the academic year you are registered in 18 units or more (including cancelled courses), you will be assessed MSU Supplementary Fees. These fees are non-refundable, even if you drop back under 18 units (or part-time status) at a later date.
  3. On your student account, your fees show according to the number of units you are enrolled in. If you cancel a course, the cancellation fees will reflect in the overall total.
  4. The last day for withdrawing without academic failure by default:
    1. Fall 2017 - November 10, 2017
    2. Winter 2018 - March 16, 2018
    3. Spring 2016 - May 31, 2017
    4. Summer 2016 - July 19, 2017
  5. Credits for dropped/cancelled courses are first applied against other debt owed to the university (Residence, Meal Plan, Miscellaneous charges and Bookstore appearing on the account). Any remaining credit amount will be refunded in one of two ways:

    a) Direct Deposit - EASY/QUICK - students enroll by entering their personal banking information. Overpayments are transferred back electronically directly to their bank account. For more information, click Direct Deposit

    b) By cheque - students must update and maintain their address to avoid delays. Cheques are sent by mail.

  6. Changes in your course load may significantly affect your eligibility of OSAP, Scholarships and other awards. Please review with the Student Financial Aid and Scholarship office.
  7. Students in an "overload" (units registered over and the required course load) situation will be charged for cancelled courses. 


If you have decided to withdraw from a session or from the university entirely, you must first contact the Registrar's office for important steps to a proper withdraw. Student ID cards must be surrendered to the Registrar's office at the time of withdraw.
Also, it is very important to contact your faculty, and remove your courses from MOSIAC (otherwise charges will remain).



Undergraduate - Cancellation Schedule - Fall 2017 / Winter 2018

Fall/Multi-Term A (September to December)   Winter/Multi-Term B (January to April)
Up to Sept 13 No charge   Up to Jan 12 No charge
Sept 14 - 21 20% Charge
Jan 13 - 20 20% Charge
Sept 22 - Sept 28 30% Charge   Jan 21 - 28 30% Charge
Sept 29 - Oct 5 40% Charge
Jan 29 - Feb 5 40% Charge
Oct 6 - 12 50% Charge   Feb 6 - 13 50% Charge
Oct 13 - 19 60% Charge
Feb 14 - 21 60% Charge
Oct 20 - 26 70% Charge   Feb 22 - Mar 1 70% Charge
Oct 27 to Nov 2 80% Charge
Mar 2 - Mar 8 80% Charge
Nov 3 - 9 90% Charge   Mar 9 - 15 90% Charge
Nov 10 onward 100% Charge
Mar 16 onward 100% Charge



Undergraduate - Cancellation Schedule - Spring / Summer / Full Term 2018

Spring /Multi Term A

Summer / Multi Term B

Up to May 7
No charge
Up to June 25
No charge
May 8 - 13
20% Charge
June 26 to July 1
20% Charge
May 14 - 20
40% Charge
July 2 to July 8
40% Charge
May 21 - 27
60% Charge
July 9 to July 15
60% Charge
May 28 & May 29
80% Charge
July 16 & July 17
80% Charge
May 30 onward
100% Charge
July 18 onward
100% Charge