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Frequently Asked Questions



We encourage you to try the Ask McMaster button located on our Main menu for all your financial questions. Since you are here now, below are some on-the-spot answers to popular questions.


When do I enroll?
Depending on your career and level, you will be given an enrollment appointment for entry onto the MOSAIC course enrollment platform. For more information, please refer to the Registrar's Getting registered website. Generally speaking, enrollment for Fall and Winter terms goes from June to September. Spring/Summer term enrollment goes from March to May 1. Additionally, it's important to review our Dates and Deadlines pages for more specific financial information.


How do I enroll?
Log on to MOSAIC and access the Enrollment tab.

Can I post-date my payment?

All methods of payment (including online/telephone banking) can be post-dated until August 15  for the Fall term, December 15 for the Winter term and May 1 for the Spring/Summer term. OSAP recipients have extended deadlines for payment. Please view our Dates and Deadlines page.


How do I make a payment?
The easiest, safest, most cost-effective way to make a payment to your student account is through Online/Telephone/in-branch banking, through your bank's bill payment services. Please see Payment Methods for more information.


How do I get a refund?
Refunds are typically done after drop & add of term 2. If you have overpaid and it's urgent you receive a refund, you will need to:

1. Enroll in Direct Deposit (follow the directions in this link)

2. Send us an email with your request to


What if I can't pay in full by the payment deadline?
If you cannot pay in full by the deadline, interest will be charged monthly (1.2% monthly compounded to 14.4% annually). Unpaid accounts will also be subject to a late payment for of $75 per term (subject to change). Unpaid balances at the end of each session will result in a financial block, denied access to grades and enrollment for the upcoming terms.


Will I get a bill saying how much I owe?
No. McMaster does not issue bills or invoices. However, once you have enrolled in your courses you can print off invoices for each term directly from your Student Center/Finances/Other Options pull-down menu. It's a student's responsibility to regularly review (we recommend monthly) all activity and balances owing. Note: For students whose parents are involved in the payment of fees, we encourage you to include them in viewing your account regularly.


Where will I find any important messages?
MOSIAC Student Center portal page

Ecards to your McMaster email

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Can I defer my payment?
No. Each student is required to pay each term in full by the due date. If you are an OSAP recipient, we may be able to make a one-time special arrangement for you. In this case, you will need to make an appointment to see a counsellor. Please send your name, ID# and brief description of why you need the appointment to

I have an account overdue from a previous session. Can I still enroll?
No. Accounts from previous sessions must be settled in full before you will be able to register in a new session. To view your current balance, please go to MOSAIC/Student Center/Finances/Account Inquiry and make arrangements for payment in full.

What is MOSIAC?
MOSAIC is McMaster's new financial and acadmeic platform. Students will access MOSAIC to get up-to-date important messages, enroll in courses, manage contact information, access Avenue to Learn, view their student accounts, print letters and forms and much more.

I didn't apply for OSAP by July 15, but I have received an assessment.
Review the OSAP website for updated information on your funding. As soon as your funding arrives in your personal bank account, you will need to make a payment to your student account. If your funding arrives after the Payment Deadline dates, your account will be subject to interest charges and late payment fees based on when payment is made to your account.

How does OSAP work?
All OSAP funding will be paid to your personal bank account (according to banking information provided with your OSAP application), and not remitted to McMaster on your behalf. For undergrad students in a full year program, OSAP is generally paid out in two installments: approximately 60% of your total funding comes in September, and if you maintain your unit count, approximately 40% is paid to you in January. You are responsible for making the appropriate payments to your McMaster student account by the appropriate deadlines. For the most current information, please contact the Student Financial Aid and Scholarship office.