Federal Express


The Customs and Traffic Division is responsible for administration of the Federal Express (FedEx) contract for McMaster University. Please find below general information regarding FedEx. For more detailed information, please visit the FedEx website at www.fedex.ca or call 800-463-3339, and quote your FedEx account number. If you would like to know the cost of shipping prior to sending a package, please contact FedEx to obtain a quote. If you would like to know the cost of shipping after a package has been sent, please contact FedEx and quote the FedEx tracking number.


Please note, certain weight and size restrictions may apply. Please contact FedEx at 800-463-3339 for additional information. Also, please determine if transit insurance is required (additional charges apply). Please refer to the insurance section of the Customs and Traffic website, or contact EOHSS for additional information. If transit insurance is required, then the value and currency must be declared on the FedEx waybill.

Canada - Services

FedEx Priority Overnight – Discounts Apply:

Coast to coast next day service
Guaranteed 10:30 am delivery to major centres at no additional charge (certain restrictions apply)
Noon and 5:00 pm delivery for other destinations

FedEx First Overnight – NO Discounts Apply:

9 am guaranteed delivery to most major Canadian centres; higher rates apply

FedEx Two-Day Economy – NO Discounts Apply

FedEx 1-Day Freight – NO Discounts Apply (freight is for single packages weighing over 150 lbs)

FedEx Ground – DO NOT USE

Canada to the Rest of the World - Services

FedEx International Priority – Discounts Apply:

Guaranteed door to door to the U.S. by 10:30 am the next business day and 1-3 business days to the rest of the world
Delivery to more than 210 countries
B13A (Export Declaration) required for shipments send to non-U.S. destinations valued over $2000.00 CAD (B13A must be completed by Customs and Traffic)

FedEx International First – NO Discounts Apply:

No discounts apply
8 am guaranteed delivery to most major U.S. cities; higher rates apply
8 am guaranteed delivery on the 2nd business day to many European centers; higher rates apply

Economy – NO Discounts Apply:

Only use for shipments over 50 lbs (under 50 lbs – use Int’l Priority)
Two day service to the U.S.
Three day service for some shippers in Northern Ontario
Maximum weight 150 lbs/piece
Weight per shipment unlimited
Maximum dimensions 108” length, 130” length and girth combined

FedEx Ground – DO NOT USE

DO NOT use 10 kg and 25 kg FedEx boxes as you are charged a set rate, and no additional discounts will apply.

Additional charges may apply including, but not limited to, fuel surcharge, taxes, dangerous goods surcharge, etc.

FedEx Ship Manager (on-line Shipping)

The preferred method for sending FedEx packages is via their on-line FedEx Ship Manager website. An on-line demonstration is available at www.fedex.ca/demo. FedEx Ship Manager allows users the following capabilities:

On-line tracking
On-line transit times
Shipping documents available immediately
45 day shipping history
On-line address book
Courtesy rates
Automatic e-mail notification to recipient (ShipAlert)
Automatic proof of delivery
Access to on-line customs documents and forms (B13A Export Declaration must be completed by Customs and Traffic)

To register for FedEx Ship Manager (highly recommended), please email your name, department, extension, fax number, and FedEx account number to customs@mcmaster.ca. If all of your shipping charges are billed to only one internal account number, please reference the 10 digit internal account number and it will be set up as a default within your profile. If you use multiple internal account numbers, a default will be set up reminding you to enter a “Reference Number”. You will be sent an email confirmation once your FedEx on-line shipping profile has been set up.

FedEx Supplies and Pre-prints

FedEx supplies and pre-prints can be ordered through FedEx Ship Manager. If you have not already signed up for FedEx Ship Manager, please refer to the paragraph above for instructions. Whenever possible, FedEx Ship Manager should be used as your shipping tool as opposed to completing manual waybills. If you are ordering supplies or preprints, please verify the delivery and preprint information, and use the “Special Instructions” section if necessary.

Drop Boxes

Interior Drop Boxes:

A.N. Bourns Science Building – East Entrance
Health Sciences Centre – Main Entrance
Downtown Centre – Main Entrance

Exterior Drop Boxes:

McMaster University Student Centre – Main Entrance
Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Learning and Discovery – North Entrance
John Hodgins Engineering Building Annex – South Entrance
McMaster Innovation Park – Main Entrance

The use of drop boxes is strongly encouraged rather than contacting FedEx for individual office pick-ups. If an item will not fit in the drop box, please contact FedEx at 800-464-3339 to arrange for pick-up. For security purposes, the Health Sciences Centre is not accessible to couriers for individual office pick-ups and deliveries. Please use the drop box or take your item to Health Sciences Receiving before 2:00 pm.

Completion of FedEx Waybill and Reconciliation Information

When completing a FedEx waybill either on-line (preferred) or manual, it is imperative that the billing information is filled out correctly to ensure that your internal account number is charged.

The University receives electronic billing from FedEx. In order to ensure accurate allocation of the FedEx charges, the shipper is responsible for correctly completing the FedEx waybill. The shipper must include their 10 digit University account number (i.e. 5123456100) in the “Your (Internal) Reference” field of the waybill. This is the only field that your 10 digit internal account number can be referenced in to ensure that it is captured and included with our electronic billing.

If the account number is not provided, then your department’s default account number is charged. This creates unnecessary work for your department, and Customs & Traffic, as your department requests copies of the charges to see who the FedEx shipment belonged to so they can process a journal entry.

It is the responsibility of each department to implement an internal process that allows reconciliation of their FedEx charges. The Customs and Traffic Division does not have the resources to pull FedEx queries on a regular basis, nor will queries be pulled for charges that have not been reconciled within a 6 month period following the date of posting on your FAS statement.

Please note, on your Financial Accounting System (FAS) statements, the first reference number represents the last 6 digits of the FedEx tracking number; the second reference number represents the Customs and Traffic upload number. In order to pull queries, we require the date of the FAS transaction; first reference number; second reference number; internal account number; department; and amount. Please email these requests to customs@mcmaster.ca. These requests are considered a very low priority, and will not be processed in a timely fashion. If a department continues to request queries without having implemented an internal process to identify the charges within their respective department, Customs and Traffic may revoke certain privileges with respect to the administration of the department’s FedEx account.

Please note, a general email can be sent within your department asking if anyone has sent or received a FedEx package, and reference the last 6 digits of the FedEx tracking number that appears on your department’s FAS statement. Anyone shipping or receiving a FedEx package must keep a record of their FedEx tracking numbers for reconciliation purposes within the department.

Please distribute and follow the instructions below to ensure accurate accounting of your FedEx charges.

1. Each McMaster University department has one FedEx Account Number assigned to them. If you do not know what your departmental FedEx account number is, please email customs@mcmaster.ca.

2. If you wish to use FedEx on-line shipping (recommended), please email your name, department, extension, fax number, and FedEx account number to customs@mcmaster.ca. You will be sent an email confirmation once your FedEx on-line shipping profile has been set up.

3. If you use only one internal account number (10 digits) for shipping charges, please include this account number with your on-line registration request. This account number will automatically appear on your FedEx on-line shipping profile in the “Your Reference” field under “Billing Details”.

4. If you use multiple account numbers, your on-line registration will be set up with a reminder you to include your internal account number in the “Your Reference” field should you forget to include one. Please enter your 10 digit account number in this field.

5. If you complete hard copy FedEx waybills (not recommended), please legibly reference your 10 digit internal account number (i.e. 5123456100) in the “Your Internal Reference” field.

6. If you would like a shipment sent to you via FedEx, please give the shipper your FedEx account number and ask them to reference your 10 digit University account number (i.e. 5123456100) in the “Your (Internal) Reference” field on their FedEx waybill. This will ensure that your internal account number is captured for our electronic billing and properly allocated to your internal account number.

7. Failure to follow the above noted instructions creates unnecessary additional work. Let’s do all that we can to make the reconciliation process as easy as possible.