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Engagement of Independent Contractors

**Please Note:
1. Revised Contract for Services, changing "consulting/consultant" with Contracting/Contractor
2. May be used for both, engaging Professional Services as well as Consulting Services (specify on Schedule A)
3. To be used along with Schedule A (Services and Fees). This is in Word format to allow specifying the services/deliverables and fees, etc.
4. May only be executed/signed according to the Execution of Instruments Bylaw of the Board of Governors
5. The Contract is now in PDF format, in order to disallow changes to the Legal Terms, which may not be altered without prior approval from procurement or Legal

PDA Clinical Faculty of HSc - Policy

PDA Clinical Faculty of HSc - Procedure

Petty Cash Funds

Unclaimed Payment Procedure


Student Fees Comittee Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Guidelines for Digital Learning Resources - Policy effective from September 2014

Financial Accountability Policy for Student Organizations that receive Fee Remittances from the University - Policy Effective December 1st, 2014