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Current Events

Announcement of New Customs Broker

Purchasing Resources is pleased to announce that effective February 15th, 2013, McMaster University’s customs broker will be Thompson Ahern & Co. Ltd (TACO), 6299 Airport Road, Suite 506, Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1N3, Phone 905 677-3471 Fax 905 677-3464.

Thompson, Ahern & Co. Ltd is a full service customs brokerage provider. They have the technology, resources and infrastructure that are essential to maintaining a customs compliant enviroment at McMaster.

Purchasing Resources has begun the process of advising the University’s high volume suppliers. However, your assistance is requested in order to notify our vast network of international (including U.S.) suppliers during this transition period.

Please ask your suppliers to update their records with the following information for any shipments sent after February 14th, 2013.

  1. Thompson, Ahern & Co. Ltd must be referenced as McMaster University’s broker on the supplier’s invoice/commercial invoice and waybill if McMaster University is responsible for the customs clearance and payment of any duties/taxes at the time of import;
  2. McMaster University’s Purchase Order number must appear on the supplier’s invoice/commercial invoice and waybill;
  3. If the supplier will not accept a Purchase Order number, and a credit card must be used, please request that the supplier reference your 10 digit internal account number (i.e. 1234566100) on their invoice/commercial invoice and waybill. Referencing this account number ensures that any brokerage, duties and taxes are correctly allocated, and also helps to expedite the customs clearance process.

If you have any additional questions regarding this announcement, please email John Bentley, Customs & Traffic Officer at

Importation of Laboratory Animal Diets

Import Permits and the completion of Facility Questionnaires may be required for Laboratory Animal Diets imported from the USA and abroad. Canada customs' regulations change frequently throughout the year. Please contact the Customs & Traffic office at ext 23084 prior to ordering for more information. Where possible, it is recommended that animal feed be sourced from a Canadian company/distributor.