Labour Distribution Reports

MOSAIC Labour Distribution Reports

MOSAIC Labour distribution reports contain confidential information related to salary, wages and benefits. As such, access to these reports is limited to select managers and administrators.

All Mosaic LD reports require 2 levels of security:

  • Access to the Data Warehouse
  • A custom Security componenet that defines the Chartfields an user may access.

For additional information, or to request access, please contact Chris Sylvester.

Intro to Mosaic LD Reports

Additional Documentation can be found on the Mosaic Portal. After logging in, click on the "Documentation" tab and scroll down to the Human Resources section. Guides to LD reports are located there (see image below).

LEGACY Labour Distribution Reports

Legacy Labour Distribution Reports for periods prior to October 2014 can be obtained by contacting Chris Sylvester, Budgeting Services at