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Terms and Conditions of Use for Web Pages at McMaster University

Complete Policy Title: Terms and Conditions of Use for Web Pages at McMaster University
Policy Number:
Approved by: UTS Leadership Team
Date of Most Recent Approval: February 2003
Revision Date(s): September 2003
Position Responsible for Developing
and Maintaining the Policy:
Director, UTS
Contact Department: University Technology Services
DISCLAIMER: If there is a discrepancy between this electronic policy and the written copy held by the Policy owner, the written copy prevails.

Setting Up A Web Page at McMaster University

Undergraduate Students

  • Student groups & clubs should contact
  • Web Pages for individual students: UTS offers a free student web page service through Communigate Pro. Logon to your MUSS account at for further information.

Employees and Graduate Students

  • Contact UTS for activation. Users are given a standard web space allocation. Additional space can be purchased at current rates.
  • Web space is available only through Communigate Pro. Web space availability may be reviewed if the email application is changed or if resource allocation becomes problematic. Please note that UTS is not responsible for backing up personal web space.

University Faculty and Department Web Pages
The University has provided templates and a style guide for University web sites through the Office of Public Relations.

The University web pages reside on a collection of distributed web servers. Each Faculty has their own web server and web page collection that is referenced from the main University web server at Several administrative units also manage their own web server. Departments that do not have their own web server, or those areas not associated with a faculty, may apply for web space on the main university web server.

UTS provides the following on the main University server:

  • No cost for setup of home directory.
  • Standard space allocation, including system support (backup, recovery). Extra space may be purchased at current UTS rates.
  • Access to generic central cgi-bin scripts (e.g. mail_results for web forms). Customers cannot create a cgi-bin or run their own scripts.
  • One three-hour site consultation, including web page design or training of data loading and updating. The three-hour consultation would result in a basic home page with limited content and one or two scanned or digital images and links to related sites.

Thereafter, work may be contracted on a fee for service basis, at standard current UTS hourly rates.

Site Design, Creation and Other Enhancements

Other services available from UTS on a fee for service basis include:

  • Create PDF documents (for posting policies, forms etc.) in Adobe Acrobat format
  • Can provide restricted access to some WWW pages e.g. to McMaster community only, by password or specific machine
  • Encryption of data for secure transactions
  • URL redirection or aliasing for shorter or meaningful URLS
  • Dynamically created pages from database using ColdFusion (see examples at
  • Scanning services, promotion/research of links to other sites included in hourly charge

These services are billed at standard current UTS hourly rates.

Please contact to discuss maintenance options, packages and schedules.

Terms and Conditions of Use for Personal Web Pages at McMaster

Customers agree to abide by University policies with respect to the Internet including the McMaster Code of Conduct for Computer and Network Users and the Educom policy on Intellectual rights. It is the individual's responsibility to read and abide by these policies.

Your account is for your use only. You agree not to share your password or use of the services provided under your account with anyone else. No commercial activities are allowed on Personal Web Pages.

Customers acknowledge that McMaster bears no liability for the content or presentation of any material or resource on the Internet that is currently accessible or could be accessible. McMaster can make no warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, regarding the validity, accuracy or completeness of the information accessible via the Internet. McMaster bears no liability with respect to your use of information obtained through the Internet using McMaster services. Some users may find these materials and resources offensive. Customers acknowledge that McMaster bears no liability regarding the availability or use of such materials.

You agree to use the services provided by McMaster in compliance with applicable local, provincial and federal laws. You agree not to use these services to conduct any activity, or to solicit the performance of any activity that is prohibited by law.

Abuse of Services:
You agree not to use McMaster services for any purpose that disrupts or has the potential to disrupt the regular use of the system for other customers. You agree not to use your McMaster account to disrupt any network, system or service on the Internet. McMaster has the right to suspend your computing privileges and/or terminate the account immediately, without notice, for breach of any provision of this agreement.

Advertising and Sponsorship in the McMaster WWW


  1. Non-university commercial use of McMaster's network and computing facilities is not allowed because of the tax status of the equipment and other legal concerns about unfair competition.
  2. Advertising, defined as "the provision of information about and promotion of particular products," is distinguished from Sponsorship Recognition, which is "the unadorned statement that a company has provided support to a particular university activity."
  3. Any sponsorship must conform to all existing policies and procedures for the acceptance of external funds, including, but not limited to, clearance by University Advancement and approval by the relevant senior officer. Further details can be obtained from University Advancement.


  1. Advertising as defined under "Principles" in this document is not permitted on university systems or on systems connected to the university network.
  2. Sponsorship Recognition (hereinafter referred to as "recognition"), as defined under "Principles" in this document is permitted under the following conditions:
    1. All sponsors must be acceptable under McMaster's code for advertising (specifically, but not limited to, a total ban on alcohol and tobacco related companies and products);
    2. The recognition may only consist of the name and/or logo of the sponsor and the statement that the company has provided sponsorship;
    3. The recognition may reside on a university system (e.g., a GIF image of the logo) but information about the sponsor or product may not. The item in (b) may be a link to an external WWW page that provides such information;
    4. The total aggregate size of all sponsorship recognition notices appearing on a page that provides university information shall not exceed 50 x 300 pixels; and
    5. A page may be entirely dedicated to sponsorship notices, in which case no University information may appear on it and no size limit applies to the notices.
  3. Contravention of this policy is a contravention of the university Code of Conduct for Computer Use. Pages on a UTS managed server that do not adhere to the policy may be deleted. Pages that do not adhere to the policy on another university server may lead to the disconnection of that server from the University network.

Service Bulletins

Citrix Receiver Client Update

UTS asks Citrix users to upgrade Citrix Receiver Client to the most current version by February 28, 2017. See UTS Citrix website for installation and removal information.

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