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University Technology Services

Computer Centre Use Policy

Complete Policy Title: Use of UTS Undergraduate Computer Centres for other than Undergraduate/Graduate Academic Use Policy
Policy Number:
Approved by: Learning Technology Committee
Date of Most Recent Approval: December, 1995
Revision Date(s): August, 1998
Position Responsible for Developing
and Maintaining the Policy:
Director, CIS
Contact Department: University Technology Services
DISCLAIMER: If there is a discrepancy between this electronic policy and the written copy held by the Policy owner, the written copy prevails.

This policy applies to all use of the UTS undergraduate computing centres except use by McMaster undergraduate and graduate students in the normal course of their Ministry-funded degree programs.

The following policy covers charges for BSB, ABB, KTH and JHE undergraduate computing labs that are managed by UTS. If assistance is required in other labs that UTS doesn't manage, a charge of $50 per hour applies.


Basic Service:

Basic Fees:

For University affiliated areas:

  • Maximum of 2 part or full day course - $15 per attendee

  • Course longer than 2 part or full days - $25 per attendee

Any course that exceeds 5 part or full days will be charged an additional fee which will be dependent on the number of days required and number of attendees. This will be negotiated at the time of booking.

For Non University organizations:

  • Maximum of 2 part or full day course - $25 per attendee. There is an additional $5 per attendee if printing and Internet access is required.

  • Course longer than 2 part or full days - $50 per attendee

Any course that exceeds 5 part or full days will be charged an additional fee which will be dependent on the number of days required and number of attendees. This will be negotiated at the time of booking.

The fee includes:

  1. Booking of the room during regular attended lab hours.

  2. Use of existing set up including software installed in the labs.

A McMaster account number or a purchase order is required prior to the class start date.

Custom Service:
In addition to the Basic Fees, if custom service is required the following charges will also apply:

  • Set up of software other than that currently installed in the labs is billed at $50 per hour (minimum charge of 1 hour). This also applies to other types of changes and associated clean up at the pc level such as repartition of the pc hard disks which must be returned to the standard set up.

  • Movement of equipment based on customer requirements is billable at $50 per hour (minimum charge of 1 hour).

  • Printing and Internet access - An additional $5 fee per attendee is levied if printing and Internet access is required. This includes the processing fee for setting up individual accounts and access to McMaster's ONet connection allowing off campus access.

  • For courses held outside the regular attended lab hours, the customer must pay the cost of a Student Consultant to attend the lab at the then current Student Consultant rate.

  • For use the of the LCD panel, the cost is a flat fee of $25 for a maximum of 2 part or full day course, and $50 for a course longer than 2 days. This should be booked in advance as there are a limited number available on a first come first saved basis.

General Principles:

  • UTS is not responsible for any equipment brought in by the customer.

  • No hardware modifications will be made to UTS systems.

  • The labs are not available on any McMaster University Specified Holidays.

  • No lab keys will be distributed to non UTS staff, nor will Security open the labs for non UTS staff.

  • If you are interested in a specific lab you must book ahead and UTS will attempt to accommodate your request. Undergraduate instruction bookings take precedence over other bookings.

  • The total basic fee charged is based on the number of people attending. If a course requires the use of a lab for the summer, a preventive maintenance will be done before and after the course and the customer will be billed for any damage.

  • During the summer, the labs may be upgraded and preventive maintenance is performed. This may mean that dual environments have to be maintained or that groups booking the labs may have to move to other labs. Reasonable notice will be given if this is the case.

  • Instructors are responsible for ensuring that any custom software is received by UTS a minimum of 10 working days in advance of the commencement of the course and that the instructor tests the software a minimum of 5 working days before the commencement of the course to ensure it is working properly.

  • Instructors must provide proof of licences if custom software is to be installed on UTS equipment.

  • UTS may not be able to ensure that all software will work properly and will refund any money in that case.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy or for information about booking the room contact Riley O'Brien at ext. 24163 (

I have read and understand the policy.

Name & Date of Course:
Company or Department Name & Address:

Signature of Instructor or McMaster University Organizer:
Contact Person:
Name: Address:
Telephone Number: Email ID:
McMaster Acct # or P.O. #: Expected No. of Participants:
(Must be verified five working days before course)
Date of Application:

The electronic copy of this policy is maintained by UTS.

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