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Computer Centre Policy

Complete Policy Title: Undergraduate Computer Centre Related Policies & Procedures
Policy Number:
Approved by: CIS Directorate
Date of Most Recent Approval: September, 1995
Revision Date(s): May, 2003
Position Responsible for Developing and Maintaining the Policy: Director, CIS
Contact Department: University Technology Services
DISCLAIMER: If there is a discrepancy between this electronic policy and the written copy held by the Policy owner, the written copy prevails.

For more lab related information refer to these web pages: Computer Centres

Details of the following procedures can be obtained from the UTS Lab Group. Please email them if you have any questions or require further information.

Terms of Reference
The following terms of reference apply to those using the instructional computing facilities maintained by UTS:

Instructor software choices must be compatible with the capabilities of existing hardware and the planned use must be compatible with the ongoing needs of the other users of the hardware. For instructional software it is particularly important that the planned use be well tested in the applicable computer lab and be sufficiently well documented so that UTS can administer the computer lab efficiently. Ensuring that these conditions are met is a shared responsibility, with UTS providing the technical expertise and information on other uses, and the proposer providing realistic projections and documentation about the proposed use.

Registration for Use of Computing Labs
All regular bookings (tutorials, labs, etc.) should be made via the Scheduling Area of the Registrar's Office in February. Ad hoc bookings should be submitted using the Lab Registration System (LRS). Bookings submitted via the Registrar's Office receive priority over any ad hoc bookings. Any special requirements related to the use of the labs, such as course folder creation, software installation requests and/or specific lab assignment requests, should be submitted on LRS even if you do not require a lab booking or have submitted a booking via the Registrar's Office.

Please be aware that room assignments made by the Registrar's Office are accommodated based on class size. Room assignments cannot be confirmed until UTS receives the requests from the Registrar's office in late August.

If you have any problems using LRS or if you have any questions about the registration process please contact the UTS Lab Group.

Software Licensing
Any software that is to be installed in the UTS Computer Centres must be properly licensed for the intended use and number of users and the license agreement must be available to UTS staff. Licensing based on the number of machines in a room is not acceptable as facilities to limit the number of concurrent users for PC software are not available in the labs. It is recommended that network versions of software be purchased for lab use and that a license server be used to limit the number of concurrent users. This is recommended because some standalone versions are not compatible in a network environment.

Software Installations and Compatibility
If you have not previously used the computing application you propose to use on the lab computers, contact the UTS Lab Group for assistance in determining whether the application is compatible with the lab environment. Due to the unique and sophisticated nature of the Windows configuration in the labs (implemented for reasons of security, reliability and speed) the UTS Lab Group installs all software on the network for the required lab. It is the instructor's responsibility to test the course files, data, and software to ensure they function as expected.

Courses must be registered by the following dates but should be done as early as possible using LRS to ensure applications required for your course are ready at the start of term. Software applications are installed in the order they are received.

Software submitted by: Should be ready by:
July 15 start of term 1
September 15 mid-term 1
November 15 start of term 2
January 15 mid-term 2
March 15 start of summer term (May 1)
May 15 mid-summer term (July 1)

Updates to installed or additional software installs are not permitted during the term except for extreme stability/usability issues. Any installation requests received after the submission deadline will be installed as soon as possible.

Software Documentation
The instructor is responsible for providing software documentation references for any course, department or faculty specific applications. These should be included on a course syllabus or web site for student access. All general campus applications, such as Microsoft Office, contain their own on-line help and documentation.

Software Availability Localized on the Network
Due to the large number of courses using the labs, priority is given to local Faculty needs in each centre. For example, software applications specific to Business and Social Sciences are available only in the KTH computing centres, and applications specific to Science are available only in the BSB computing centre.

Location of Software/Files
General campus applications that are site-licensed to the University and installed and maintained by UTS are kept on the J: drive of the lab servers. Department or Faculty specific software is usually put on the : drive. Instructors are able to place course related files on the K: drive for their students. The d: drive on the lab computer is used as an alternative to the K: and L: drives under certain circumstances, for example, if the software requires write-access to the source drive or would generate too much network traffic if placed on the server. The UTS Lab Group will determine which drive is most appropriate for your software.

Access to Lab Software from outside the Labs
Due to licensing restrictions, software available in the UTS computing labs is not accessible from outside the labs in areas such as an instructor's office.

Student Access to the K: Drive from outside the Labs
Any files placed on the course K: drive in the labs are available to students and instructors using their lab accounts and a browser via the webKdrive.

Removal of Departmental and Course Software and Accounts
Course accounts and files on the UTS computing lab equipment will be left on until the end of the academic year. They will be removed before September 1 of the following academic year unless the course is re-registered. Any course or department applications installed during the academic year must be requested for installation if required in the following academic year. Instructors are responsible for maintaining personal backup copies of any files placed in course folders as, apart from restoring losses due to system failure, UTS is unable to restore individual files and courses.

The electronic copy of this policy is maintained by UTS.

Service Bulletins

Citrix Receiver Client Update

UTS asks Citrix users to upgrade Citrix Receiver Client to the most current version by February 28, 2017. See UTS Citrix website for installation and removal information.

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