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PCI C-VT Host Security Standard

The following standard details the minimum requirements that must be adhered to when installing and configuring a host system for C-VT (virtual terminal) credit card transaction processing to maintain PCI compliance.


This standard applies to any computer system that is used to access a virtual terminal for the purposes of credit card transaction processing.

Standard for deploying secure and PCI compliant C-VT hosts

PCI Compliant C-VT hosts must comply with the guidelines for deploying secure servers.  Additionally:

Enable physical controls...

  • Physical access to C-VT host should be restricted

Enable and maintain local technical controls...

  • Uninstall software and disable services and hardware that are not required by the host
    • Kioware Kiosk software must be installed and configured appropriately
    • USB ports must be disabled
    • File and Print Sharing must be disabled
    • Wireless networking must be disabled
    • Power Management must be configured appropriately
  • Configure the host to automatically install security updates and/or patches:
  • Install, maintain and use anti-virus and/or anti-malware software:
    • Trend Micro Officescan Client must be installed and configured appropriately
  • Enable, configure and monitor host firewall, host-based IPS and/or local access control lists such as .htaccess file. 
    • Settings must allow only:
      • Outbound http/https
      • Outbound UDP 514 to IT Security syslog host
      • Windows Update
      • Trend Micro AV Update
  • Collect, maintain and review system audit logs regularly
    • Event Log Forwarder must be installed and configured appropriately

Control remote access...

  • Remote access should be granted using the principle of least privilege and authority*
    • Remote Desktop access must be disabled

Control network access...

  • Network access should be granted using the principle of least privilege and authority*
    • IP Address must be configured statically

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