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Instructor Frequently Asked Questions for the Student Computer Labs

Course Accounts/Folders


Room Bookings

Software Installation

What is the K: drive for?

The K: drive is meant for course data files and applications that do not need a "full" windows installation. Instructors can place files on the course drive, and then students can easily copy them to their local drive to work on them.

How do I add files to my course folder?

Course files can be updated and by logging onto a lab machine using your Mac ID account on the ADS domain. The files can then copied into your course folder. Content you upload the the course folder can be modified or deleted only by you. However, any user with a valid Mac ID account can read the files or create new files within your course folder.

I used the labs last year, do I have to register my course again?

Yes, you must register your course each year. The course files on the K: drive are deleted each year after the lab software upgrades. You should keep an archived copy of these files if you need them. Course software needs to be installed again, proof of licensing is also required again.

There is more than one section and/or instructor for the course I'm teaching, should we both register?

Yes, among other reasons, you may wish to have different data files on the K: drive. Be sure to include a note about there being more than one section when you register to avoid any confusion.


I've already submitted a room booking to the registrar's office, do I still need to register the course for Technology Services use?

Yes, registrations received from the registrar are given first priority when rooms are assigned. Registering also allows you to obtain a course account to add file to your course folder in the labs.

I've already registered my course, but I want to add a one-time room booking. How do I proceed?

Users are no longer allowed to make a booking themselves. To make a booking please contact Student Technology Services Administrator at

I have new software that my students need to use in the labs, how do I proceed?

If you have Windows software that needs to be installed please follow the procedure listed here:

If you have DOS or command-line applications that do not require installation, you can place them on the K: drive and they will be accessible immediately. It is your responsibility to ensure that all material on the K: drive is properly licensed.

There's a new version of (some application), why don't you upgrade it?

Core software (also known as general campus applications) are not upgraded during the academic year for stability reasons. UTS extensively tests the core software during the summer, and will not make any changes to these applications until the following summer.

UTS recommends that Faculty/Department/Course software not be upgraded during the school term, unless there are stability issues with the version that is installed. If the software is upgraded, it goes to the end of the queue.

Service Bulletins

  • MAC ID Password Expiry

    Beginning in May 2016, MAC ID passwords at McMaster expire annually. Learn more at

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