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The Application Services section of University Technology Services offers computing and information services to customers who are the sponsors of administrative systems throughout the University. While the information products of these systems may reach virtually any category of person related to the University in some way, including students and external agencies, the customers of Application Services are typically University employees and departments acting as agents for the design of these information products. It is through the priorities of, and across these agents that the work of this department is related to the University's strategic plan. Application Services also works closely with the Enterprise Systems and Data Control groups (DBA, Network).


Production Data and Systems Support

  • Ensure integrity of data through well defined, customer driven data models
  • Ensure data processing that keeps the integrity of databases
  • Ensure backup and recovery of all data sources in a systematic way

Applications and Business Process Integration

  • Develop and build applications using current technologies
  • Develop and build applications that meet University agents business needs
  • Design systems with overall University vision
  • Work according to University business planning and priorities (BPC)
  • Support ongoing business and legislated changes through project registrations


  • Work directly with university personnel to meet their departments computing and business requirements
  • Create systems to enhance the university image and services to students
  • Seek out solutions of value across University (UP, NEON)
  • Make data accessible to all University agents
  • Provide partnering for departments for optimal business solutions

Current Initiatives

  • New Business Reporting tool
  • Introduction and use of Mainframe based web tools (NEON) for student based applications
  • Replacement of current HR/Payroll system
  • Replacement of old software and platforms such as VSCOBOL, ADF and IMS/DB with Web based solutions
  • Full online student registration, including Fee payment and Drop and Add
  • Opening up current hours of Mainframe online access

Service Bulletins

  • MAC ID Password Expiry

    Beginning in May 2016, MAC ID passwords at McMaster expire annually. Learn more at

Service Desk

Client Self Service:
Hours: Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Phone: 905-525-9140 x24357 (2HELP)
Location: Main Campus BSB Rm. 245
Service Catalogue:

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