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McMaster University

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Faculty of Social Sciences Elections

The election of faculty members to the Senate is conducted from January to April of each year and by by-election as necessary. Information will be posted during the election periods. Please check the website for updates.

Please contact the University Secretariat if you have any questions.



Dr. James Gillett Associate Professor Health, Aging & Society 1-year term
Dr. Hannah Holmes Assistant Professor Economics  
Dr. Robert O'Brien Professor Political Science 3-year term
Dr. Stephanie Ross Associate Professor Labour Studies 1-year term
Dr. Victor Satzewich Professor Sociology 3-year term


Tenure and Promotion Committee

Dr. Saara Greene Associate Professor Social Work 1-year term
Dr. Travis Kroeker Professor Religious Studies  
Dr. Wayne Lewchuk Professor Labour Studies 2-year term
Dr. Jeff Racine Professor Economics  
Dr. Andrew Roddick Associate Professor (01/01/17) Anthropology 1-year term
Dr. Michael Veall Professor Economics 3-year term
Dr. Rachel Zhou Professor (01/07/17) Department 3-year term


Graduate Council

Dr. Lydia Kapiriri Associate Professor Health Aging & Society 3-year term
Dr. Kee Yong Associate Professor Anthropology  


Representatives to other Faculties

Representative to Faculty of Business
Dr. Maxim Ivanov* Associate Professor Economics 3-year term
Representative to Faculty of Health Sciences
Dr. James Dunn* Professor Health, Aging & Society 3-year term

* Acclaimed


Rules, Regulations and Terms of Reference