McMaster University has a well established carpool parking program where two or more individuals can register for a carpool permit from Parking & Transit Services. Carpooling is available at Main Campus, the Downtown Centre and the Ron Joyce Centre.

Registered carpools at McMaster are eligible for a designated parking space and a limited number of reduced-rate parking vouchers to be used on days when one member needs to take their own vehicle to campus.

Sign-up with Carpool Zone to find a carpool partner at McMaster, gain access to free resources such as the Emergency Ride Home Program, and chances to win great prizes!

To register for a McMaster Carpool Permit:

  • First, please read the McMaster Carpool Policy and ensure that you and your carpool partner(s) satisfy the criteria set out in section 2.01:
    • 2.01 Parking Services defines a carpool as a group of two or more people:
      • who travel together a minimum of three times a week
      • who have made a commitment to carpool for a minimum of three months
      • who live beyond a 1.5 km radius of McMaster's Main Campus
      • who meet along a common route
      • who do not take a break from carpooling any longer than four consecutive weeks
      • who have registered with Parking Services
      • whose members do not possess any other McMaster parking permit
    If you have any questions about carpooling at McMaster please contact the Office of Sustainability prior to visiting Parking Services to purchase your permit.
  • If you and your carpool partner(s) satisfy the above conditions, please print and fill out the McMaster Carpool Application Form and McMaster Carpool Agreement.
  • Once all members of the carpool have filled out and signed each of the two forms, please send them to the Parking Office located in E.T. Clarke Centre, room 102.
  • One member of the carpool must go to the E.T. Clarke Centre to pick up their transpornder, or hang tag for RJC.
    • Each member of the carpool must pay a $20.00 deposit for their transponder which will be refunded when the transponder is returned in working condition. Please note that the deposit cannot be paid through payroll deduction.

Want to refund a parking permit to become a carpooler?

You can either visit the Parking Office located at the E.T. Clarke Centre, room 201 or write and fax letter stating that you would like a refund. Please state which method you would like your refund, for example, a credit card and the card number that you would like the refund made to.

Please note that you must request your refund within the first two business days of the month for the refund to be eligible starting that current month.

Looking for a carpool partner?

McMaster has subscribed to an electronic ride matching service, in use across southern Ontario through the Carpool Zone program. You can find a carpool partner to your specific McMaster destination including the Main Campus, Ron Joyce Centre, or the Downtown Centre.

It is a no-cost, commitment-free service.

To register, you'll be linked to the website of the system provider,

Once you click "register" and agree to the terms of use, you'll fill out a participant profile form. Create your own user name and password (so you can access your file in the future), select your McMaster campus (Main Campus in Westdale, Downtown Centre, etc.) and answer a limited number of key questions to develop a personal profile.

The database uses your postal code to identify those who live in your vicinity, and uses your profile to select only those fellow McMaster commuters who share your preferences and schedule. This match is conducted when you register and subsequently at your request.

Contact any of the potential matches you wish by a preferred method of communication (usually email).

This service is designed for those looking for a regular ridesharing or carpooling arrangement.

January 20, 2012

News and Events

Carpoool Zone has been Refreshed

As our region grows, so do the opportunities for improved transportation infrastructure and innovation. To support this growth, Smart Commute is launching a dynamic tool new tool to help anyone in the GTHA who is going from A-B explore their travel options, match their trips and see the impacts of their transportation choices. The Smart Commute tool replaces and refreshes the ride-matching program which already assists users to find carpool partners based on routes and preferences. 

What does it have to offer?


1. MATCH YOUR TRIP WITH OTHERS (CARPOOL & MORE): Users will set their origin and destination for a regular or one-time trip. The Smart Commute tool will match the user with others who have a similar travel plan to assist with matching them together to save on trip costs.


2. EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS FROM A-B: The Smart Commute tool will provide a range of travel options for a user’s trip as well as the impacts associated with each choice. This will help the user to make an informed decision about a trip.


3. TRACK YOUR IMPACT: Users may track their trip choices to see the impact on their costs and local environment, receive rewards and compete with their colleagues. By tracking their choices in a diary, users will receive digital badges that can be shared on social media for actions such as “first alternative trip logged” or “first carpool trip.” Top performers for each travel mode will also be displayed on a digital leaderboard.


What does this mean for you?

As our workplace champion, Smart Commute Hamilton needs your help to engage staff with the Smart Commute tool and make the transition from Carpool Zone quick and easy for all! Today (September 8th, 2014), all staff who currently have a Carpool Zone account will be sent an email clearly outlining the steps they can take to transfer their account to the Smart Commute tool.  As of September 8, 2014 all visitors to will be redirected to The new online tool allows users to join specific networks to enhance their experience.  Once signed up, users should join the Smart Commute Hamilton Network and the McMaster Networks to maximize their matching potential.  The email below provides them easy links to do this!


Carpool Week 2012

Thanks to everyone who took part in Carpool Week 2012. McMaster increased number of Carpool Zone Users from 209 to 336 and number of active carpoolers from 17 to 34.

All prizes will be awarded on March 21st during Carpool Appreciation Day.

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