Media Relations at McMaster

McMaster University has created a Tool Kit to help faculty and staff better understand media relations, and to gain tips and confidence when doing interviews.

Please call the Media Relations department immediately (ext. 22869) if you can contribute to a national or international story that has broken, or if you see a trend developing in your field of expertise. If you have been contacted by the media, please let us know as soon as possible. This allows us to track the progress of the story, and to assist the reporter in securing images to illustrate the article or TV segment.

If you have been contacted about a contentious or difficult issue, we can suggest ways to handle the interview or provide you with information to assist you in your interview. Please click on Tool Kit on the menu to the left  and then choose from the list of reference guides.

NOTE: In 2006, McMaster's Senate developed Guidelines Regarding Interactions with the Media.