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Hiking the Trails


Hamilton's trail networks are accessible year round and have a variety of things to offer for each Season.
Spring: Spring is the time of blossoming trees. Birds begin to chirp and the flowers start to pop out of the ground with the spring melt. Take a walk along the trails in Dundas Valley or Cootes Paradise and gaze upon the flower covered trees and smell the perfumes that fill the air. The waterfalls are also perhaps at their best at this time of the year as the spring melt adds volumes to their flow.

  • Summer: Hot and Sunny, as it should be. The trails are always busy with delightful folk out on hikes or runs. Head over to some of the more accessible falls like Tiffany or Sherman and take a shower in their flowing water. Go for a picnic and swim at Christie Lake Conservation Area or try some mountain biking on their trails. Don't forget to check out Fifty Point in east Hamilton and enjoy the sunshine on one of Lake Ontario's best beaches.
  • Fall: Fall is the season when the world lights up and the forests begin to glow in blazing colors. You most definitely want to check out Dundas Peak, a beautiful vista at any time of the year, it lights up during the fall as the forests that surround it are ablaze in reds, yellows, and oranges. The view will take your breath away. The trails are also sunnier and the forest floors turn shades of yellow and orange from the fallen leaves. It's almost as if you are in a fairy tale forest.
  • Winter: Winter chills shouldn't keep you from exploring! Go for a skate at Pier 8, cross country ski down the Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail or even in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area, play some pond hockey on Cootes, or go on a hike to the waterfalls and check out their frozen splendor. Local outfitters even have waterfall ice climbing days for those looking to try something new and thrilling. The forests become barren but the snow that covers the trees and forest floors make your heart race from the beauty of winter. The forest floors can be slippery so be sure to watch your step.

Hamilton has many trails and conservation areas for you to explore. All though we don't have the ability to cover them all here, we have put together some resources for you to look into find places to explore! Remember, Hamilton's nature is meant to be viewed year round; Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall!

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