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Various conservation and outdoors events occur around Hamilton all the time. Check out the calender below to check out various events happening throughout the city. For any given event click the event and press details to find out more about the event or links to more information.

Environmental, Conservation, and McMaster Organizations hoping to promote related events, seminars, or outings are welcome to email with event information to be added to the Calendar


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Past Events

Mac Forest - Buckthorn Burning
Happy Students at Buckthorn Burning Event

Located on Lower Lions Club rd. is a large piece of property owned by McMaster called McMaster Forest. Over the years the area has become covered in invasive Buckthorn trees, which prevent local indigenous vegetation from growing. Through the help of McMaster Biology students, the McMaster Outdoor Club, MACgreen and MACserve volunteers, the area has been cleared of these trees and strewn with seeds that will in a few years become tall prairie grasses. This massive effort took nearly 2 years and the involvement of over 100 students and volunteers that came out to cut, gather and burn the invasive Buckthorns.

Mac Forest - Clean-up and Fence Building
New wooden fence along forest trails To revitalize the McMaster forest area and promote its use in a friendly and respectable manner, students volunteered their time to come out and clean up the property of the garbage that had collected along its trails and replace the old decaying wire fence with a new wooden one. Student volunteers jumped right in and helped take down the rusted wire fence, dig holes for the new fence supports and put up the wooden boards that now make for a lovely fence and entrance to McMaster Forest.
Lot M Habitat Restoration
Over the past 2 years several Biology and Engineering professors have been hard at work creating a 30 meter buffer zone around Lot M to protect the surrounding creek from polluted runoff. This fall, MACserve and other student club volunteers came out to help build Turtle Habitats along the buffer zone. These Turtle Habitats will provide a place for nesting turtles to lay their eggs and hopefully help avoid any need for them to wander onto the parking lot. The work itself was featured in the local CBC news site
Lot M Cannon Tree Planting
Not only are students involved in maintaining McMaster's environmental areas, but so are various local and community organizations. Hamilton Naturalists Club, Evergreen and Cannon came together to help plant over 140 trees in the Lot M Buffer Zone. These trees are a continuation of the buffer restoration work that has been going on and will help improve the local biodiversity as well as provide habitats and shelter for the local cold water creek.