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Rock Chapel Borer's Bridge Dundas Peak
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Vistas are areas that provide spectacular views of an area from a higher elevation. Surrounded by the Niagara Escarpment, Hamilton is home to several amazing vista's and views which are readily accessible.

  • Sam Lawrence Park: Located on the "mountain" , Sam Lawrence Park is one of the jewels of Hamilton's Park Systems. It features include a rock garden, perennial flowers, ornamental benches and interpretive signs and walks. The park also offers panoramic views of the lower city and the harbour.
  • Rock Chapel: Rock Chapel is located on the escarpment close to Borers Falls. The area is full of spectacular views from its south facing escarpment cliffs and talus slopes. The area is also the main access point to the regions section of the Bruce Trail. Close by to Rock Chapel you will find the Escarpment Edge lookouts, karst features, cliff side views and gorgeous trails.
  • Dundas Peak: Located in the quaint town of Dundas, minutes away from McMaster, is Dundas Peak. This cliff side vista offers breathtaking views of Dundas and Hamilton, try and spot McMaster University if you can! Dundas Peak lies on a part of the Bruce Trail system and is accessible through the trail either from downtown Dundas or from Webster's or Tews falls.
  • Devils Punch Bowl: Devils Punch Bowl is a ribbon waterfall that is encompassed in stratified layers of rock that wrap around the falls and create an echoing cavern of multicolored rock. Devils Punchbowl lies along the Bruce Trail in the Stoney Creek region and is accessible by Car and Bus.

Vista Locations

Directions from McMaster University: