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Escarpment Sanctuaries

Escarpment Sanctuaries

Located on the Niagara Eescarpment, just north of RBG, you will find Borers and Rock Chapel nature sanctuaries.

  • Rock Chapel Sanctuary: Part of the RBG, Rock Chapel is located on the escarpment close to Borers Falls. The area is full of spectacular views from its south facing escarpment cliffs and talus slopes. The area is also a main access point to the regions section of the Bruce Trail. Close by to Rock Chapel you will find the Escarpment Edge lookouts, karst features, cliff side views and gorgeous trails. Be sure to take a look to the sky and get a glimpse of soaring red tail hawks and various other birds that fly in the area.
  • Borers Creek Conservation Area: The conservation area, managed by the Hamilton Conservation Authority, features informal trails, a wide variety of plants and animals as well as the Borers Creek bridge which offers spectacular views of the gorge and the 17.7 metre Borers Falls.

Escarpment Sanctuaries Location

Directions from McMaster University: