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Albion Falls / Eramosa Karst

Albion Falls

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Hamilton is Albion falls ( Located in east Hamilton near the Lincoln Alexander Pkwy / Red hill Valley Pkwy, Albion Falls features lovely lookout points as well as trails and a small picnic area. The Bruce Trail runs right past Albion Falls and those looking for an adventure can take the trail and hike all the way to Devils Punch Bowl, A ribbon water fall that is 37 meters high and has a rock face composed of several layers of stratified rock. (The hike from Albion to Devils, along the Bruce Trail can take 3-4 hours)

Eramosa Karst

One of Hamilton Conservation Authorities properties, the karst is filled with underground caves – including a 335 metre long cave that is 10th longest in all of Ontario – , streams, meadows and forests. This is one of Hamilton's most unique natural gems and is located in the western section of Stoney Creek and the eastern end of Hamilton. Karsts are geological formations that include underground drainage, caves and passages which have been caused by dissolving rock found in limestone formations. Eramosa Karst features examples of 16 different karst features and has been designated an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Albion Falls and Eramosa Karst Locations

Directions from McMaster University: