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Who we are

MAPS represents part-time undergraduates and students attending the Centre for Continuing Education at McMaster University.

MAPS exists because part-time students do not have the same experiences or share all the same challenges as full-time undergrads.


Our focus

The focus for the MAPS team is to make the university part of our members' lives a little easier by providing a safe and comfortable environment for all members to ask questions, get information, use our computers, access other services, or just use the lounge in between classes.

To get a sense of what we offer, please look at MAPS at a glance.

MAPS also advocates on behalf of part-time students to the university administration, Hamilton community, and other groups. We have representatives who attend Senate and Board of Governors.




Information Assistant - OPEN

  • Be the most popular person in the room!

    Our information assistants are known for their friendliness, helpfulness, and knowledge about McMaster and how to navigate the system.  As the ‘face’ of MAPS to our members, our information assistants are always ready to help, and create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the office and over the phone.

    Of all the services we currently provide, none is more highly valued by our members than our information assistants (IA).  The role of the IA is part concierge, part counselor, and part coach.  IA’s are known to have most information about the university at their fingertips, or make it a point to find out.  IA’s make it their business to get our members the right answers.

    To excel in this role, you should be someone who:
    • Enjoys meeting and interacting with people
    • Is computer literate, comfortable working with Windows 7 and MS Office 2013, and is able to guide/train part-time students using Mosaic.
      Is reasonably familiar with the academic and non-academic services on campus (or a quick study as we have most of that information on file)
    • Is able to assist with other general office duties (answering the phone, checking and replying to or referring incoming email; taking messages, preparing mailings, monitoring the use of paid services and obtaining payment for them, and providing some administrative support to the executive director.
    • While most of our IA's are based at our office, we are considering having a position that works off site on a semi-regular basis.

Preference will be given to McMaster students, but we will make our hiring decision based on how well the successful candidate demonstrates the qualities we are looking for.

Information Assistants are paid $11-15 per hour.



These positions are designed for part-time students.  With good time management and organizational skills, these positions require 10-15 hours of work per month to complete, and can be done on your own schedule.  As a coordinator, your job is to 'stick-handle' your projects from start to finish, with the support of our executive director and staff.

We believe that part-time students experience university differently from full-time undergrads - so providing services to our members helps make the university experience that much better.  The best way to achieve this is for part-time students to help each other - building relationships and experiences that will serve them at McMaster and long afterwards (and it never hurts to have some extra-curricular stuff on your resume).

MAPS provides a friendly and supportive environment where we are all working towards a shared goal - to help part-time students navigate their success!

Mentorship - Filled (Re-opens April 2016)

Our members possess business and life experience which is unparalleled compared to full-time students. And as many of our members have been pursuing their programs for some time, they have amassed considerable knowledge of how part-time studies work.

We want to leverage this experience by bringing together students with knowledge and desire to share their experiences with newer students who would like a ‘leg up’.

The Coordinator will be responsible for helping to launch the program for this September, and coordinate and support the program as it starts up. The position would require 2-3 hours per week for which the coordinator will receive an honorarium of $175 per month while the program is in operation (initially the fall/winter term).

It would be great if you had direct or related experience in managing volunteers – but please read the Ideal Candidates section below for minimum qualifications to apply.

Social Events - Filled (Re-opens April 2016)

Many of our members have asked that we organize a social event for part-time students during the school year.  We are in the process of conducting focus groups to determine what sorts of events would work best, and the social events coordinator would be responsible for organizing these events, using MAPS staff to assist with the planning of events, catering, etc.  In addition, the Social Events Coordinator would be responsible for organizing our Annual Awards Dinner in November; in conjunction with the executive director and a small committee.

The coordinator would receive $250 per monthly event organized, and $750 for coordinating the Annual Awards Dinner.


All open positions are posted on OscarPlus and we are only accepting applications through this site; however, if for any reason you cannot access the postings, please contact us at and we will ensure that your application is included.

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Health and Dental
Opt-in Period
is now CLOSED

The Term 1 Opt-in period to purchase coverage in the MSU's Health and Dental Plan closed on September 30th.

The Term 2 Opt-in period will run from January 5-29, 2016. The premium for 8 months coverage will be announced shortly.


MAPS Is Your Campus Store Pick Up Location


MAPS-MSU Transfers are closed for 2015-16

Campus Store Pick-up Service is available for anyone making purchases at the Campus Store online.

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The online membership transfer system developed by MAPS, the MSU, and representatives from Student Accounts and Cashiers, Student Accessibility Services, and the Registrar's office resulted in significant improvements in processing time for membership transfers. Stakeholders will be reviewing the results over the next few months to see if further improvements can be made.



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