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What is MAPS?

Established in 1979, the McMaster Association of Part-time Students (MAPS) represents the interests of undergraduate part-time degree students, continuing education students and students enrolled in the clinical behavioural sciences program to the university administration and the university community.

Are you a MAPS member? If you are taking 17 or fewer academic units in an undergraduate program, are enrolled at the Centre for Continuing Education, or in the Clinical Behavioural Sciences program, congratulations! You are a MAPS member.

MAPS was established because there were distinct differences in the needs and priorities of part-time students, compared to full-time students. We believe this is as true today as it was 35 years ago.

Simply managing the competing demands of home, work and school sets you apart from most other students at McMaster. And MAPS is here to help and support you to get the most out of your McMaster experience.

Our logo (recently redesigned) of three connecting chevrons symbolizes the intersection of these primary components of the part-time student's life.


Engagement of our members

A new and extensive part of our work will now include engagement of our members to determine what your needs and priorities are while at McMaster - as an part-time undergraduate, continuing education or CBS student. We have already received from input from members on what services they would like to see, and we are looking forward to renewing our mandate with you by creating a strategic plan and advocacy agenda that gets results.


What does MAPS do?


    We speak for over 6,000 part-time, CCE, and CBS students; voicing your needs and advocating for you at numerous academic and administrative committees


    MAPS has pushed for increased course availability and accessibility and for extended hours for non-academic services (Library, bookstore, cafeterias)





    Help understanding university procedures

    Support for members who have an problem they can't resolve on their own

    Staff a part-time student lounge with extended hours

    One-on-one assistance



    We provide clear and helpful information on services available to members by us and on campus.

    We produce a number of publications to support our members each year

    We publish a monthly electronic newsletter



    We provide one-on-one training on university online systems.



    We provide fast wifi network access, fast computers (Win 7/ 10) with Microsoft Office, at no charge. 

    We also provide access to a full colour laser printer/copier/scanner at discounted rates



    Our information assistants have most univesity information at their fingertips. If they don't, they will find it out for you. MAPS won't send you running around campus.


    Financial help

    MAPS has funded several student bursaries geared to help our members



    Each year MAPS awards almost $4,000 to students, instructors and community members who demonstrate outstanding commitment to part-time studies, academic excellence and a commitment to the wider community


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Health and Dental
Opt-in Period
is now CLOSED

The Term 1 Opt-in period to purchase coverage in the MSU's Health and Dental Plan closed on September 30th.

The Term 2 Opt-in period will run from January 5-29, 2016. The premium for 8 months coverage will be announced shortly.


MAPS Is Your Campus Store Pick Up Location


MAPS-MSU Transfers are closed for 2015-16

Campus Store Pick-up Service is available for anyone making purchases at the Campus Store online.

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The online membership transfer system developed by MAPS, the MSU, and representatives from Student Accounts and Cashiers, Student Accessibility Services, and the Registrar's office resulted in significant improvements in processing time for membership transfers. Stakeholders will be reviewing the results over the next few months to see if further improvements can be made.



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