Mentorship Program

Important Dates

Term 1 application deadline was October 5

We are accepting applications for Term 2 until January 22, 2016.

Orientation sessions will be held January 25-29.

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Why Mentorship?


Have you wanted someone to talk to about the challenges of being at school?


You're not alone. For many part-time students, learning how things work on when you're only here one or two days a week can be frustrating.

The Mentorship Program was designed to help you find your way with the assistance of another MAPS member with a few more years of Mac experience under their belt.

Our Mentorship Coordinator takes your information and matches you with a Mentor who would be a 'good fit' for you.


Would you like share your university experience with new(er) McMaster part-time students?

New part-time students can often have difficulties adapting to university. Because we are here only part-time, it is hard to build relationships with classmates, get a handle on managing their time, or how to keep up in class.

This is where you come in.

As a MAPS member with 2 or more years of experience at Mac, you are fully qualified to help newer students figure things out.


If either of these situations apply to you, you should join the Mentorship Program.


You will make some new friends

You will be helping someone who is looking for some support (and often mentors learn as much as mentees)

Best of all, you won't be doing this on your own anymore.


What will mentoring focus on?

The focus of the program is peer support, so talking about how to time manage for homework and assignments, tips for note taking in class, and sharing your experiences can make a real difference to a mentee's outlook on school and their success.


Mentorship Application


Applications are accepted all year, but we do set Term cut off dates so that we can get everyone paired up and orientated.


For more information, contact the mentorship coordinator.

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