OSAP & Bursaries

for Part-time Students

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) for part-time students

Student Financial Aid & Scholarships maintains an up-to-date website with all the information you need regarding OSAP for part-time students.

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MAPS Bursary


MAPS has contributed over $1 million dollars to endow the McMaster Association of Part-time Students Bursary. The bursary is available for part-time students who do not qualify for OSAP.

Applications for the MAPS Bursary are now completed using the online aid application in the Mosaic Student Centre module. Mosaic > Student Centre > Finances Tab > Financial Aid (4th option).

Applications for the Winter Term (January April) are now open and will close on November 30th.

All supporting documentation must be received by SFAS (GH 120) on or before December 7th.

For information on how to complete the form, please visit http://sfas.mcmaster.ca/pt_facts_forms.htm

The bursary is administered by McMaster University. For detailed information on the application process, forms and up to date information, please visit http://sfas.mcmaster.ca/pt_facts_forms.htm and click on McMaster Association of Part-time Students (MAPS) Bursary.



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Health and Dental
Opt-in Period
is now CLOSED

The Term 1 Opt-in period to purchase coverage in the MSU's Health and Dental Plan closed on September 30th.

The Term 2 Opt-in period will run from January 5-29, 2016. The premium for 8 months coverage will be announced shortly.


MAPS Is Your Campus Store Pick Up Location


MAPS-MSU Transfers are closed for 2015-16

Campus Store Pick-up Service is available for anyone making purchases at the Campus Store online.

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The online membership transfer system developed by MAPS, the MSU, and representatives from Student Accounts and Cashiers, Student Accessibility Services, and the Registrar's office resulted in significant improvements in processing time for membership transfers. Stakeholders will be reviewing the results over the next few months to see if further improvements can be made.



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