MAPS Campus Tours

Our tours are different!


There are lots of organizations on campus that will offer you a tour.

And if you want to know more about the amenities of on-campus living, or the history of the university and its buidlings, the traditional tour is perfect for you.

MAPS Campus Tours give you an orientation to the campus that is practical and geared to your needs.

We customized each tour based on your course schedule, and the things you really need to know, like:

  • Where are the student services related offices (Student Financial Aid, Cashiers, Registrar)
  • What's the fastest way to get to your class from where you parked (using the basement hallways)
  • Where is the nearest washroom to my class and what's the fastest route from class to tutorial.
  • Where's the closest place to get (good) coffee.
  • And any other questions you might have.

All tours start at the MAPS Office located in Room 234 of the Student Centre. We may put a few small groups together, where course schedules align.

Contact us for more information or arrange your tour now.


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