Proxy Voting

At General Meetings of the membership

If you cannot attend a general meeting, but you wish your vote(s) recorded, you can complete and submit a Proxy Designation Form.

A proxy designation form allows you to vote on matters at the Annual General Meeting in advance and have your vote recorded when the meeting occurs. In this case, it’s like an advance poll in an election.

The form is available in our office and once we confirm you are on the membership list (please bring photo ID with you), we will give you a form.

The form has the same motions on it that will be on the agenda for the meeting. You can review meeting materials online (see above), or you can review a printed copy in the lounge. Once you've decided how you want to vote, simply mark them in the spaces provided.

When you are ready, you may either designate the meeting chair (normally the MAPS president) as your proxy, or someone else. The role of the proxy holder is to ensure your votes are counted. If you use the meeting chair, he/she will ensure that your votes are properly recorded. You may choose someone else as well; but whomever you choose will need to come to the meeting and hand us your form. Once that's done, your proxyholder may act as your scrutineer - to ensure that your vote was properly counted - but has no other role.

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Proxy Rules

A proxy must be completed on a MAPS Proxy Designation form. No other forms will be accepted. 

  1. The Proxy Designation Form must be completely filled out, or it will not be recorded.

  2. A Proxy Designation Form may be requested by a MAPS member only. MAPS office staff will supply one form to each member who requests ones either in person or by phone or email. The form's control number will be assigned to the MAPS member requesting it.

  3. Non-MAPS members will not be provided with proxy designation forms.

  4. The MAPS member (the person who is proxying their vote), must indicate on the form what their vote is on all matters appearing on the agenda. For the purposes of the AGM, the proxy will be treated as an advance polling result.

  5. The proxy-holder (the person designated by the MAPS member to deliver the proxy), will surrender the proxy to a designated MAPS staff member, who will review the form, note the indicated votes, and mark the votes as the member had indicated on the form. 

  6. The role of the proxy-holder, once the votes have been recorded, is limited to monitoring the proceedings on behalf of the member.  No change in votes by the proxy-holder will be allowed.

  7. Proxied votes are made based on the MAPS member's understanding of the motion, having reviewed the meeting materials provided. In the event of a substantive change in information which, in the opinion of the meeting chair, materially changes the intent of the motion, the chair will declare all proxies for that question invalid. 

  8. A proxy-holder holds no cumulative rights with respect to new business.  If new business is considered at the AGM, the proxy-holder will not be allowed to vote, except where he/she is a MAPS member; in which case they may vote in their personal capacity.

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