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Referendum May 13-16, 2014

VOTE NOW! Polls are open until Midnight May 16th

Polls opened for the 2014 May Referendum at 8:00 am this morning on the Association's electronic voting platform. Polls will be open until midnight on May 16th.

There is only one question on the ballot this year - the appointment of the Association's External Auditors.

"While it may seem like a minor question, having members vote on this is important, "noted David Moore, the Association's Corporate Secretary, "the external auditor is a key component that ensures the Association is held accountable for how it spends the fees it receives from our members."

Voting in the referendum has been streamlined as well. "Voters just need to click on the direct link provided to them by email," Moore added. "The link takes you right to the question. It only takes a few seconds to exercise your right to vote."

Association members were sent individual emails that provided voting instructions on May 5th and again on May 13th. Members who did not receive an email may contact the association at or (905) 525-9140 x22021

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Information Session Held

On May 12th, a brief information session was held at the Association's offices and broadcast over the internet using WebEx technology. The purpose of the meeting was to provide members with information regarding the online referendum being held May 13-16th.

As there was only on agenda item, the meeting did not run the full hour allotted. A video of the meeting will be posted shortly, but as there were no questions asked at the information meeting, the meeting materials (link immediately below this article) provide all the information that was presented.

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Part-time Students go to the polls

In mid-May, MAPS members will, for the first time, be able to participate shaping the future of the Association from anywhere on the planet through MAPS' electronic referendum process.

"Our members used to have only one opportunity to participate in making important decisions - our annual general meeting," noted president Jackie Arlen. "On-line referenda makes participation much easier for part-time students, who already have enough demands on their time."

Many part-time students attending McMaster University continue to work full-time and often have to manage school, work and family commitments.

"The referenda process is designed to maximize participation" Arlen added, "by bringing the decision to the students, and not the other way around."

Some of the features of the referendum process include:

    • Posting of all materials on the MAPS website

    • Email notifications to members about information access, voting instructions, and friendly reminders

    • Mailed notifications to members who have not provided an email address to the university

    • An information meeting that can be attended in person or online (the session is also recorded so that members can watch it later if they cannot participate live)

    • A three day voting window that starts the day after the information meeting.

MAPS' Corporate Secretary, David Moore added, "the referendum process is a continuation of the Association's commitment to openness and transparency"

Students eligible to vote include McMaster part-time undergraduates who took 17 or fewer units between September and April, students enrolled at the Centre for Continuing Education and students enrolled in the Clinical Behavioural Sciences Program.

For more information, please contact the MAPS office at MUSC 234, or (905) 525-9140 x 22021

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Referendum meeting presentation now available for download


The McMaster Association of Part-time Students will be holding a referendum on May 13-16, 2014.

Referendum Information Meeting

An Information Meeting for all members will be held on May 12th at 7pm at MUSC 234 and live over the internet. Members will receive online login instructions by email, along with their voting access vote for the referendum, which will be held May 13-16. If you do not receive your access codes, please contact the office at x22021 or

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Second notice for the General Referendum has now been issued and can be viewed here.

The referendum will be held on May 13-16. An information meeting will be held at the Association's offices and broadcast live over the internet on May 12th at 7pm. Information on both will be emailed to members by May 5th.

Referendum information emailed to Members

Electronic voting instructions were emailed to MAPS members over the course of May 5th. While email reaches over 96% of members, some messages do not go through.

Members who have not received their voting instructions but wish to vote can contact the MAPS Office at x22021 or

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April 2015 Annual General Referendum


A copy of the presentation is available here.

Annual General Referendum:

Voting begins tomorrow (April 14) at 8am. All MAPS members will be emailed their voting credentials. If you do not receive your email by noon on the 14th, please contact us at or (905) 525-9140 x22021

The voting period ends at 11:59 on April 20th.

Second Notice of Annual General Referendum

General information on the Annual General Referendum

    Referendum Information Session held April 13

    The 2015 Annual General Referendum Information Meeting was held at MUSC 234 and broadcast on the internet at 6pm this evening. As there was only one item on the ballot for this year - the appointment of the auditors - the meeting did not take the full hour allotted.

    A copy of the presentation used during the meeting is available here.


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Updated Legal Services Requests for Proposals

The Board of Directors has issued a request for proposals (RFP) for legal services for the Association for the next two and a half years.

"Retaining legal counsel in this way reduces costs, and provides the Association with immediate access to advice should we need it" noted president Jackie Arlen.

The Association is currently named in a wrongful dismissal suit by a former executive director. "The wrongful dismissal claim is n0t affected by this RFP," Arlen added, "our insurance company has retained a lawyer to represent us in that matter."

The RFP will close mid-April with a recommendation going to the Board of Directors at their April meeting.

A copy of the RFP is available here.

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Banking Services Requests for Proposals Released

MAPS is tendering for a new financial institution to manage its regular banking and investing needs. The Banking Services RFP is the fourth competitive bid process initiated by MAPS. The RFP document is available through A copy is also available here.

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Auditors Appointed

In a referendum held May 13-16th, Members of the Association voted 95.4% in favour of appointing Grant Thornton LLP as the external auditors for MAPS for the 2014 fiscal year.

The vote was conducted using the SimplyVoting electronic voting platform and was the first electronic referendum held by MAPS. Members approved by-law changes to allow online voting to be used in place of Membership meetings in fall 2013.

The official results of the referendum can be viewed here.

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"Run for the Board" Posters

If you liked the 'run for the board' posters, you can find them here, here, and here.

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Election/Appointments to the Board of Directors

On March 16, 2014, David Moore was appointed to the Board on an interim basis, until elections to the Board of Directors can be held. Prior to this appointment, Moore was a non-voting member of the board in his capacity as Corporate Secretary (appointed June 2013). Moore joins Jeff Huber and Carolyn Smith-Hill, who were appointed on an interim basis in October 2013.


Kristin Belovari appointed to the Board of Directors

At the Board's meeting on November 11, Kristin Belovari was appointed as a Director until the Association holds election in the spring of 2015.

Kristin is a CCE student and works for the City of Hamilton as a health promotion specialist in the Tobacco Control Department.

Please join us in welcoming Kristin to the Board.


New MAPS executive elected on May 4th.

The Board of Directors elected its executive this week. While Board Directors are generally elected by the membership for a two-year term, officers are elected from among the Board for one-year terms.

Jackie Arlen was re-elected as MAPS president. For the other three vice-presidents, this is their first time in an executive role. For more information, please click here.


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Arlen MAPS' new President

On February 11, 2014, Jackie Arlen was elected president of the McMaster Association of Part-time Students. Arlen succeeds Andrew Smith, who served as president from February 2013. The Board wishes to extend its thanks and appreciation to Andrew for his contribution of time and leadership over the past year.

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MAPS Fees to be Collected

In a surprise announcement on McMaster's Daily News webpage, the university confirmed that MAPS student fees will be collected by the University, starting in the Summer 2014 session.

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$200,000 Released to MAPS

McMaster University released $200,000 of the student fees held in trust to MAPS in March 2014. This represents approximately half of the total amount that was held.

"We are very pleased at this clear demonstration of the university's confidence in the Association, noted Jackie Arlen, MAPS' president. "We feel this is another positive step in our renewed relationship with the university administration."

McMaster has committed to transferring the balance of the funds held in trust once the 2013 Audited Financial Statements are released.

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MAPS Operational Plan Approved

On July 15th, the Board of Directors approved the Association's first Operational Plan (Op Plan).

"This is a very important document for us", explained Jackie Arlen, MAPS' President, "...our Operational Plan clearly states what we plan to do, how we plan to achieve it, and how we will measure our success."

In June, the Board of Directors identified its overall strategic goals and statement of purpose, and then discussed what sort of activities would best achieve those goals.

The McMaster Association of  Part-time Students helps you successfully navigate your part-time student experience.

The Op Plan is based on the Board's direction, and organizes the Association's goals in five themes: Representation, Recognition, Member Support, Communications, and Research.

Each theme has a number of projects planned for the next twelve months which will move the Association forward.

"The Op Plan is a huge step in transparency. It makes our Board more accountable to our members, and the executive director more accountable to the Board," noted Kyle Johansen, MAPS' executive director. "We have clear objectives to achieve and projects set out to get us there. Because the Op Plan is a public document, everyone will be able to judge how well we are doing."

The Op Plan will be posted to the website in the next several days. Please see the quick link at the top of this page for direct access to the plan when it is posted.

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2013 Annual Report Released

MAPS' first Annual Report (formerly the Report from the Board of Directors) was released on March 25th. You can view or download the report here.

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2013 Audited Financial Statements

The 2013 Audited Financial Statements were approved by the Board of Directors on March 25th and are available here.

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Part-Time Student Health and Dental Coverage

Note: The Opt-in Period for the Fall Term is now over. Please check back in December for the Winter Term Opt-in period

The McMaster Association of Part-time Students (MAPS) and the McMaster Students Union (MSU) have arranged for part-time students to 'opt-in' to the MSU's health and dental insurance program.

"The MSU is glad to partner with MAPS to bring health and dental coverage to all McMaster Students who need it," noted Teddy Saull, MSU President. "I am pleased our two organizations are able to ensure all [MAPS members] get the services they need."

"It has been a very positive and welcome experience for me personally and our team to work with Teddy and the MSU to make this happen," added Jackie Arlen, MAPS' president. "I think this is a sure sign of more good things to come from both student associations working together.

Under the opt-in program, part-time undergraduate students, as well as students attending the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) can purchase coverage in the MSU's plan. The premium for single coverage for 12 months is $298. This change has no impact on the current plans offered to MSU members.

Full details of the MSU Health and Dental plan are available at

Information for MAPS members regarding the plan and how to apply are available at



The Winter Opt-in period ends on January 30th. For more information, please visit

Full details of the MSU Health and Dental plan are available at


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Award applications have been extended to October 19th


It could be yours!

MAPS makes annual awards to students, a CCE instructor and a community builder.  Student awards come with a cash prize, along with recognition at CCE graduation and our awards dinner.

We present a Centennial Award to one CCE and one part-time undergraduate who made a significant contribution to the community while attending school OR overcame significant challenges to attend school.

We also acknowledge one CCE Instructor each year for teaching excellence

We also acknowledge a community member who has improved the part-time student experience at McMaster.

The deadline to apply is now OCTOBER 19th (the office is closed that day but applications can be emailed to

More information is available at

Notice of Policy Changes

Policy changes were approved by the Board at its November meeting, after a required 30 day notification period to the membership.

For full information, please click here.


Policy Change

The Board of Directors is proposing to change Operational Policy 008 - Fiscal and Operating Plans by adjusting the reporting dates for financial reports and changing timelines for the Operating Plan and Budget Cycle. Members may submit comments on the proposed changes to

To see the revised policy, please click here.

To get more information about the changes, click here


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Permanent executive director appointed

On August 31st, Kyle Johansen was appointed as the Association's Executive Director. Kyle was previously serving as the acting ED.

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2014 Interim Financial Reporting

The Board of Directors approved the unaudited financial statements for the first six months of 2014. The reports are available here.

Fiscal Year 2014

Budget (July 15th)

2014 In-Year Operating Results and Expense Disclosure (Q1 - Q3)

Statement of Operations

Statement of Financial Position


Want to be a Mentor? Want to have a Mentor?

MAPS is very pleased to announce our peer mentorship program is now accepting applications for mentors and mentees.

The program pairs up part-time students with different levels of experience. Mentors can help mentees by providing moral support and practical advice about how to successfully navigate part-time studies ... or simply be a friendly face to chat with occasionally.

The program allows for mentoring to happen online or in person, depending on each person's needs.

To get involved with the program, please complete an application form (available in our offices or here).

The deadline for applying for the program has been extended to December 31st. If you have any questions, please contact Div Jalan at, or call our offices at (905) 525-9140 x22021.

Did you take the course accessibility survey? THANK YOU!

Over 18% of our members took the time to tell us about their experiences regarding course accessibility.

We are currently working on analysing the results and will have a report out in the coming weeks.

To each of our member who completed the survey - thank you! Your input provides us with real data to share with the university. Thanks also to those of you who emailed us directly with issues that were not on the survey. We will be working on those too!

Suit Drive Huge Success!


Between mid-August and the first week of September, MAPS collected interview-appropriate clothes and accessories to donate to the Robert Half Suit Drive. Each year, Robert Half runs the campaign to help low-income job seekers "dress for success".

"We were thrilled with the response," noted MAPS' executive director Kyle Johansen. "The quality and quantity of the donations exceeded our expectations and our friends at Robert Half had nothing but great things to say about the spirit of generosity at Mac."

Kyle Johansen (MAPS' Executive Director) and Adel Nazi (Staffing Manager at Accountemps) with the Suit Drive donations from McMaster.

MAPS Bursary Spring/Summer Term

Did you know that...

MAPS has contributed over $1 million towards bursaries just for part-time undergraduates and CCE students?

Each year, the bursary provides around $60,000 in grants to our members?

You can get an application from our office or download one here

The application deadline is April 17th for the Spring/Summer Term?

    MAPS takes transparency to the next level

    Just before Reading Week, MAPS got a little face lift.

    The MAPS offices and student lounge, located on the 2nd floor of the MUSC, were designed to help members focus on the work and not be distracted by what was happening outside our doors. Sturdy wooden doors with porthole window and frosted glass from end-to-end achieved that goal... at the cost of another...nobody knew what was behind those wooden doors.

    The imposing wooden 'drawbridge' was taken down for good with the installation of two full length tempered glass doors. The doors provide passers-by with a full view of our reception and student workstations, while still providing some privacy for members using the sofas or chairs.

    In addition to the new doors, the Association is producing a new sign that will wrap around the pole outside our entrance indicating who we are and were the most sought after services are located on the 2nd floor. Our full colour logo will be frosted onto the doors, to assist low visioned persons navigating the entrance. The new signs should be up in the next two weeks.


    Social Media Updates:

    Join us on LinkedIn!

    MAPS now has two pages on LinkedIn.

    The first is our company page, located at .

    The second is a group page called McMaster Part-time Undergraduate Experience (which can be looked up once you log into LinkedIn). We are using the group page to provide information to current, past, and prospective part-time students about McMaster, MAPS and post-secondary part-time education.

    The group page has already had a lot of interest and we are working to keep posting regular current and informative information.

    Please feel to contact us if there are any issues you'd like us to showcase on LinkedIn.

MAPS 2014-2015 Handbook

The completely re-vamped MAPS Handbook for 2014-2015 is available online or in hard copy at our offices. "... an invaluable reference guide for university and student services, as well as important phone numbers and key dates throughout the school year." - Handbook Editor

2014 MAPS Course Access Report

This report identifies a number of issues that part-time students experience when trying to register for course at McMaster.


How did we do? Check out what 2014 looked like at MAPS:

2014 Annual Report

2014 Audited Financial Statements

Monitoring Committee Report for 2014

Semi-Annual Update on the Operating Plan



    Search for a new Dean of Social Sciences to commence shortly

    Mac Daily News announced that Dr. Charlotte Yeats will be moving to Guelph University as the new Provost, and McMaster will be striking a search committee to replace her for July 2015.

    Dr Roy Cain has been named acting Dean until a replacement has been confirmed.


    Sign, sign, everywhere a sign...

    But in this case, they don't block out the scenery and hopefully don't break your mind.

    On April 10th, the finishing touches to MAPS' entrance face-lift were completed with the addition of our logo on the new glass doors and new signage on the pillar outside of our offices.

    old door

    MAPS' old doors

    ``We are thrilled with the results" noted Jackie Arlen, MAPS President. The signage is clear and can be seen at a distance and our logo on the door is perfect".

    The pillar sign also includes the most common questions staff receive regarding the location of offices on the second floor. "We like to be good neighbours", noted Arlen.

    door1 door

    MAPS' new pillar signage, approaching the office from the west and east, respectively

    MAPS replaced its old wooden doors in February; which appeared to be a barrier to people visiting the office. "The glass doors open up the office. We've seen many more students coming in since they were installed," said Malanie Dani, one of MAPS' information assistants.

    The door decals are designed to assist people with low vision to identify the doors, along with high visibility push/pull indicators, while not interfering with the overall effect of full glass doors.


    Door decals and high visibility door push/pull signs.

2015 Annual General Referendum Results

Voting ended at 11:59pm on April 20th, 2015 with the only question on the ballot being the appointment of the external auditors. Grant Thornton LLP were appointed by the membership with a turnout of 5.7% of the membership and 91% voting in favour of the appointment.

Thanks to all members who took the time to vote. The official results are published here.

2015-2016 Board Directors and Executive Committee Elected

Full details are available here.

New Director at CCE

On April 9th, McMaster Daily News announced Dr. Lorraine Carter as the new Director for the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE).

9/15 councillors elected to City Council support helping part-time students with transit fares!

    Health and Dental Opt-in Period ends September 30th

    If you want to purchase coverage in the MSU's Health and Dental Plan, you have until September 30th to enrol online or come into the MAPS office to complete a form with us. The premium for 12 months coverage is $385 per person.

    More information


    MAPS-MSU Transfer Form now online - deadline for transfers is September 30th

    MAPS, the MSU, and representatives from Student Accounts and Cashiers, Student Accessibility Services, and the Registrar's office agreed to a new single on line form to facilitate membership transfer requests between MAPS and the MSU.

    To initiate a transfer request, go to the form, review the criteria for transfer to see if any apply to you. If they do:

    • Fill out your personal information

    • Answer the questions

    • Agree to the Terms and Conditions of your transfer

    • Submit the form

    Once you click submit, the form is automatically transmitted to reps in all applicable offices, who have all agreed to cooperate to process the forms quickly.


Last year, we set up an Ideal Jar in our Office for members to give us their thoughts and opinions on how we could make MAPS better for its members. Over the past several months we have received suggestions like increasing the number of outlets available for charging equipment (done!) to adding plants to the office to improve air quality (working on it).

    These ideas have been great and really helpful, but limited to members who walk into our office and take pen to paper.

    Today that changes.

How did we do? Let us know by clicking here. Contact Us!

Health and Dental
Opt-in Period
is now CLOSED

The Term 1 Opt-in period to purchase coverage in the MSU's Health and Dental Plan closed on September 30th.

The Term 2 Opt-in period will run from January 5-29, 2016. The premium for 8 months coverage will be announced shortly.


MAPS Is Your Campus Store Pick Up Location


MAPS-MSU Transfers are closed for 2015-16

Campus Store Pick-up Service is available for anyone making purchases at the Campus Store online.

For more information, click on the Campus Store Logo




The online membership transfer system developed by MAPS, the MSU, and representatives from Student Accounts and Cashiers, Student Accessibility Services, and the Registrar's office resulted in significant improvements in processing time for membership transfers. Stakeholders will be reviewing the results over the next few months to see if further improvements can be made.



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