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In the Fall of 2014, we moved The Link to an electronic format and made in January 2015 we began using MailChimp to create and distribute The Link as an email newsletter. As a result, some editions are stored on this website, while more recent ones are maintained on through a different platform.

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Health and Dental
Opt-in Period
is now CLOSED

The Term 1 Opt-in period to purchase coverage in the MSU's Health and Dental Plan is now closed.

The Term 2 Opt-in period will run from January 5-29, 2016. Once the period opens, you can enrol online or come into the MAPS office to complete a form with us. The premium for 8 months coverage will be announced shortly.


MAPS Is Your Campus Store Pick Up Location


MMAPS-MSU Transfers are closed for 2015-16

Campus Store Pick-up Service is available for anyone making purchases at the Campus Store online.

For more information, click the campus store image below.




The online membership transfer system developed by MAPS, the MSU, and representatives from Student Accounts and Cashiers, Student Accessibility Services, and the Registrar's office resulted in significant improvements in processing time for membership transfers. Stakeholders will be reviewing the results over the next few months to see if further improvements can be made.



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