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"Nobody will ever deprive [you] of the right to vote except [you] and the only way [you] do that is by not voting."

- Franklin D Roosevelt (5 Oct 1944)


Emails regarding Meeting or Referendum matters

Some members have requested that they be removed from our email contact list.

Policy 012 - Privacy and Anti-Spam, governs how we respond to these requests.

While we will make every effort to accommodate requests to be removed from the mailiing list, you will continue to receive email from us related to your rights and privileges as a member. To do other would deny you a fundamental right to participation.


2015 Annual General Referendum (AGR)

A general referendum must be held each year in order for the membership to appoint the Association's auditors, and elect Directors of Association.

First Notice

Notice included calls for nomination to the Board and for questions the membership wished to place on the referendum ballot.

FEB 3: First Notice was sent to the membership via email and Canada Post

FEB 12: Notice was advertised The Silhouette

Mar 4: Nominations for Board Directors closed as did calls for referenda questions

6 candidates were eligible for election. As there were six vacancies at the time nominations closed, all six candidates were elected by acclaimation. Official notice of Election Results

No members submitted additional referenda questions.

Second Notice

All information regarding the referendum and its administration are available in the second notice, sent to members on March 17th and available here for viewing.

Mar 17: Second Notice of Referendum isssued to membership


Information distributed to the membership

The following reports were released to the membership via email and are available here for downloading


Information Meeting

An Information Meeting was held at 6pm on April 13th in MAPS' offices and broadcast over the internet. A link to participate in the webinar was emailed to all members and posted on our website the afternoon of the meeting. A copy of the presentation materials is available here.


Important dates for the 2015 Annual General Referendum

Apr 14: Voting period beings (8am) - an email with voting credentials will be emailed to all members between 0800 and 0830 the morning of the 14th.

Apr 20: Voting period ends (11:59 pm)

Apr 21: Results Posted

2014 AGR

Results of the 2014 Annual General Referendum

Grant Thornton LLP was appointed as the Association's external auditors with 95.4% of members voting in favour in the electronic referendum held for this purpose. In order for a referendum result to be binding on the Association, 3% of the membership must vote with the majority being in favour of the referendum question. Voter turnout for the referendum was 4.5%

The official results are available here.

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    May 2014 Referendum Information and materials

Information Session May 12th

An Information Session was held at our offices and via WebEx at 7pm on May 12th. The presentation was quite short and given there were no questions, the session ended at 7:15pm.The material that was presented in the meeting is available here.

Voting information has now been emailed to Association Members

The Association uses information from the Registrar's Office to communicate with the Membership. The primary means of communicating information to Members is by email. For this referendum, a first notice was emailed to all members with written notice sent to Members who had not provided an email address to the University; which was sent by Canada Post.

Members who wish to vote in the referendum but who have not received voting information may contact the Association's offices at (905) 525-9140 x22021 or

Every effort will be made to allow Members to cast their vote in the referendum.


Pursuant to By-Law 4, this notice provides a detailed description of the referendum questions and process.  If you are unclear regarding any aspect of the referendum, please contact the Association at:
In person:                 Room 234, McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC)        
By telephone:         (905) 525-9140 x22021    
By Email:         


Before a referendum vote can be held, an Information Meeting for all members must be held.  The Information Meeting for this referendum will be held at 7pm on May 12th, 2014 at the MUSC 234.  The Information Meeting will be broadcast live over the internet.   If you have provided a valid email address to McMaster University, you will receive emailed instructions on how to join on or about May 5th, 2014.  If you do not receive these instructions, you may contact our office (see contact info above) to obtain your access instructions.

The Information Meeting will be recorded and available for review on the Association’s website


      1. Welcome and introduction                                                 
      2. Webex instructions (how to ask questions, etc)   
      3. Description of electronic voting  
      4. Ballot question Appointment of Auditors  
      5. Questions from members
      6. Reminder regarding voting period and process
      7. Adjournment
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The referendum will be conducted electronically, using SimplyVoting.  If you have provided a valid email address to McMaster University, you will receive emailed instructions on how to cast your vote.  If you do not receive these instructions by May 5th, you may contact our office (see contact info above) to obtain your access instructions (we will require proof of identity in order to provide you with a voting link). 
Members can vote from 8:00am on May 13th until midnight on May 16th.  The process is being administered by a third party consultant and monitored by the Association’s Chief Returning Officer.


Appointment of Auditors:   Provincial statute requires that the membership vote to appoint the corporation’s external auditors. 

Board Directors:  As there were only two nominations for the three available vacancies on the Board of Directors, MARIJANA GOVORCIN is elected by acclamation to a two-year term on the Board and ERIC MERLOS is elected by acclamation to a one-year term.  The determination of terms was based on when each nomination form was received.  There is one remaining vacancy on the Board for a one-year term which will be filled on or after September 2014.  There are no elections for Directors in this referendum.

Questions from members:  As of 2:30pm on April 11th, there were no ballot questions put forward by the Membership.


The Association’s By-laws determine how many members need to vote in order for the results of any referendum question to be binding. 

  Question   Appointment of the Corporation’s Auditors
  How many members need to vote?   3% of the membership, or roughly 163 members
  How many need to vote in favour for the question to pass   A majority of the votes need to be in favour for this question to pass.
If the motion does not pass, the Board may take the referendum results as direction from the Membership and act on their behalf in the fiduciary interests of the Association, and its obligations to McMaster University.



The SimplyVoting system automatically tabulates all votes and provides the results to the system administrator.  The system also provides a log of which members voted (but not how they voted).  These results are then provided to the Chief Returning Officer (CRO) for approval.  Once approved by the CRO, the results are posted on the Association’s website, on the bulletin board across from the Association’s offices, on the door of the Association’s offices and in its offices.  The results will also be provided to The Silhouette and CFMU-FM.
The system administrator for this referendum is Kyle Johansen.  The Chief Returning Officer is Jackie Osterman.


The following is the only question on the electronic ballot.  A hyperlink is provided to allow members to review background material.  Hard copies of this material are also available for review at the Association’s offices. 

Appointment of the Association's Auditors
In 2013, the Association conducted a competitive bid process to secure corporate auditors at a fair rate of compensation.  Grant Thornton was appointed by the membership in 2013.  Approval of the membership is required to appoint the Auditors in each fiscal year.

Do you support the appointment of Grant Thornton, LLP Chartered Accountants to be the Association's Auditors for the 2014 fiscal year?  [view details]
You may select one of the following options.


The Association will attempt to contact members without a valid email address by Canada Post; but we strongly encourage members to contact us if they do not have meeting or voting instructions by MAY 5th.


All materials for this referendum are posted on the Association’s website under *NEW* Membership Meeting and Referendum Materials.  You can also access this page from the Left side navigation panel on the Association’s website at  

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April 2014 Notice of election of directors and vacancy on the Board of Directors

Four members were elected to the Board of Directors by acclamation on March 25th. Another two members were elected by acclamation on April 11th. The notice of election is available here.

One vacancy on the Board remains and will be filled on or after September 2014.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) March 25, 2014

The AGM scheduled for March 25, 2014 did not achieve quorum. The business of this meeting will be conducted by referendum . Official notification will be released soon.

For assistance or more information, please call (905) 525-9140, ext. 22021, or email

Proxy Designation Form

Please click here for more information on proxies for meetings of the membership, or request a Proxy Designation Form. Proxies are not available for referenda.

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