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Student Accounts & Cashiers

Did you know... ?

Do you have your financial plan to pay for school?

Making your plan early will save you stress and worry later on. Verify that your OSAP application is in order. Call your RESP provider for release details. How much have you saved? Are your folks contributiing? Are you expecting a scholarship?

Fall /Winter Registration 2014-2015 has started

Make sure your student account has been cleared of all outstanding amounts to avoid disappointment in getting access to SOLAR.Check your account statement (My MUGSI/Continue/Student Accounts & Cashiers/Account Statement) for balances and make your payment today!

Making payments online to your student Account Statement is easy, any time of year!

Payment Methods


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Hours of Operation May 5 - August 29


Monday - Thursday

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Funding Options

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Departments and Financial Affairs

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