Complete Policy Title: PROVINCIAL SALES TAX
Policy Number (if applicable): CT-040
Approved by: Director, Purchasing Resources
Date of Most Recent Approval: April, 2004
Revision Date(s):
Position Responsible for Developing
and Maintaining the Policy:
Director, Purchasing Resources
Contact Department: Purchasing Resources and/or Accounts Payable
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    To administer Provincial Sales Tax, which is an 8% tax imposed by the Ontario Provincial Government, at the retail price level and is in addition to all other taxes.

  2. SCOPE

    This policy applies to all purchases.


    The University is NOT exempt from all provincial sales taxes. When taxes are not remitted as required, the University is liable for payment of the outstanding taxes, including possible penalties and interest. When preparing a budget or grant application for a major project, please contact the Purchasing Resources office to determine if PST is applicable.

    PST is voluntarily paid through the Accounts Payable Department for all imported goods.

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