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In collaboration with Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology and the City of Hamilton, the University has secured a contract with Dell Canada Inc for supplying IT equipment. This will allow the University to receive substantial cost savings and to purchase sustainable products that are EPEAT Gold certified and have an Energy Star rating of 5.0.

Dell will also remove all packaging, breakdown, sort, and recycle all materials based on applicable federal and provincial laws and guidelines. To ensure the proper recycling of packaging, end users should request that delivery personal (usually from Audcomp) take all packaging materials with them.

Dell Supply Managed Contract Details


Step 1

To place an order, you must first create an account for Dell's Premier Website.

Step 2

Dell computer orders are placed through the Campus Store.
Extension: 27873

If the purchase is for research, please ensure that appropriate Research Finance approvals are on the requisition (for any value).

Step 3

Procurement Services will confirm receipt with the requisitioning department prior to payment for all orders >$5000.

Warranty Service: Call 905-304-1775 (press 2 for service)

Enhanced Services: To request enhanced services please contact the Dell Account Team @ 1-800-387-5752 Ext 2559

Delivery: Delivery should be within 10 business days of order.


Please feel free to contact:

Policies & Procedures

Goods and Non-Consulting Services

Purchase Method
$0 - $10,000

P-Card / Non-PO Voucher
1 valid price confirmation

$10,001 - $50,000

Minimum 2 written quotes

$50,001 - $99,999

Minimum 3 written quotes

$100,000 or more

Open competitive RFx bid process

Consulting services

Purchase Method

$0 - $99,999

Minimum 3 written invitational quotes or open competitive RFx bid process

P-Card (BMO MasterCard - formally known as the Acquisition card)

Benefits of the NEW P-Card Program

  • LIMITS: Each cardholder will have a monthly limit of $50,000 with a transaction limit of $10,000 (limit can be decreased when requested).
  • SECURITY: The new P-Cards will be embedded with chip technology and pin codes will be assigned to all P-Cards.
  • STATEMENTS:Statements will be downloaded directly into the PeopleSoft program, so no more waiting for your statements to arrive in the mail.

  • The Application for a BMO P-Card can be found here. When completed, please forward to Roxanne Headrick, BMO P-Card Administrator,

    Need Training? Please go to the MOSAIC Learning Hub to register for the Procurement Card (P-Card) reconciliation training being offered during February and March of 2014.

    P-Card Reconciliation Process

    To reconcile your November 2013, New P-Card please complete a Journal Entry and fill in the updated MasterCard summary sheet.

    Journal Entry Instructions

    MasterCard Summary Sheet

    All P-Card Reconciliations going forward from December 2013 for the new P-card will be reconciled within PeopleSoft:

    Breadcrumbs to follow to complete reconciliations:

  • Finance > Purchasing > Procurement Cards > Reconcile > Reconcile Statement

  • Non-Domestic Ordering (Ordering outside of Canada)

    Please notify our Customs & Traffic Department regarding Non-Domestic orders purchased on your P-Card. When sending your email please ensure you include the following:

  • Company Name & Address
  • Item Purchased (Item Number & Description)
  • Pricing (Copy of scanned Quotation)
  • Account Number (Required if additional shipping charges are incurred.)

  • By sending the following information to (John Bentley) and (Jan Yeo) they will have the required information to ensure your goods can cross the border smoothly

    When using your P-Card for crossborder shipments, please give the supplier(s) your pre-Mosaic, 10-digit account number as the PO number. Please ask the supplier(s) to ensure the number is on the commercial invoice and on ALL packaging.

    Office Supplies (Grand & Toy)

    To create a Grand & Toy account please email, stating that you are presently looking to set-up an account. Grand & Toy will respond to your email as they will seek essential information to create an account. Once the account is set-up Grand & Toy will forward you a password and a link to begin taking advantage of the great offers available.


    About Strategic Procurement

    "Supply Chain Management through
    value-added services"

    Strategic Procurement

    Located at:
    4th Floor, 50 Main Street East
    Hamilton, Ontario
    L8N 1E9

    Mail to:
    1280 Main St. West
    Hamilton, Ontario
    L8S 4L8

    Tel: (905) 525-9140 ext.24413
    Fax: (905) 572-1015

    Strategic Procurement is comprised of Purchasing Services, Customs and Traffic, and Stores. Strategic Procurement negotiates and makes purchases on behalf of University departments. Two Stores locations (ABB-B166 and HSC-4N43) provide the campus community with a wide variety of inventory of goods to service our day-to-day operations. Customs and Traffic provide clearing and expediting of incoming and outgoing shipments.

    In order for the University to continually maintain its objectives and position of leadership, it is imperative that we continually strive for lower costs, improved quality and improved service in every area of our business operation. A large element of costs and quality is purchased material and services. Strategic Procurement strives for cost reduction, process control and more streamlined management of our responsibilities.

    Strategic Procurement is an important activity where it is mandatory that the responsibility for buying materials and services be assigned to a group of people trained and skilled in negotiating, contractual terms and conditions, cost reduction and other purchasing techniques. Each one of us is a McMaster University ambassador to those with whom we do business. The primary responsibility of the Strategic Procurement Department is to facilitate the purchase of materials, supplies and services, with the objective that they will be available at the proper time, in the proper place, in the quantity, quality and price consistent with the needs of the University. It is the duty of this Department to ensure all Procurement activity complies with the Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive, and demonstrates Value for Money.