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Prequalified Suppliers

Buntin Reid

Federal Express

Grand & Toy


Approved Movers

AMJ Campbell
David Dixon- VP of Corporate Sales
Phone: 905-795-3638

Armstrong Moving
Stephen Gray- Director, National Accounts
Phone: 905-795-6783


Systems Contracts

Main Campus Purchasing

Linda Leo, ext 24678

Anachemia 5074
Bell-Arte Camera 5065
BioRad 5020
Caledon Labs 5070
ChemGlass 5068
Chromatographic Specialties 5500
Diamed 5035
Fisher Scientific 5050
GE Healthcare Biosciences
(radioactive only -- order MUST be signed by Health Physics, MUST be placed by Purchasing, requisitioner CANNOT place own order)
GE Healthcare Biosciences
(Biobar only)
Inter-Science (Terochem) 5200
Invitrogen (GIBCO/BRL) 5040
Invitrogen (GIBCO/BRL) (Biobar only) 5095
Mandel Scientific 5010
Perkin Elmer (radioactive only -- order MUST be signed by Health Physics, MUST be placed by Purchasing, requisitioner CANNOT place own order) 5072
Roche Diagnositcs 5080
Roche Diagnostics (Biobar only) 5085
VWR International 5030
VWR (Biobar only) 5031
Weld-Tech (dry ice) 1095
Barb Christianson, ext 24587
Ainsworth Electric (Telecom only) 2075
Ainsworth Electric (UTS only) 2070
Buntin Reid 4239
Curry's Art Store Ltd. 4189
DELL 2150
Design Print 4217
Doall 6000
Electrosonic 4093
Grand & Toy 2030
Innova Envelope (Printing Department Only) 4000
Lordly Jones 9050
Moore Business Forms (UTS GH only) 4066
Moore Business Forms (HSC Computing only) 8042
Newark In One 2040
Swagelok 4130
TT Liquid Handling (Engineering only) 2010
VitalAire Various Per Dept
Physical Plant

Barb Christianson, ext 24587

Barton Auto Parts Ltd 4192
Bearings & Oil Seals Specialists 4010
C.N. Weber 4253
Colour Your World Corp 4265
Cosimo's Garage LTD. 4700
Duraire 4400
Filtration Group 4210
GT French Ltd 4247
Grisdale Tire & Auto Service 4020
Imperial Oil 6256
Marks Supply Inc. (plumbing) 4300
Mark's Work Wearhouse 4200
McLean Insulations 4030
Multi-Facet Sales 4600
Petro Partners 6079
Pinder's Security Products 4204
Q.I.P. Equipment Ltd. 4244
Russ Hayes Co. Ltd. 4074
TT Liquid Handling (Campus wide, Except Engineering) 4500
Wesco 6070
Wood Wyant Inc. (Custodial, Cleaning supplies) 4100
Health Science Purchasing

Nina Gilners, ext 22216

BD Biosciences 8030
Bell Arte Camera 8210
Bio-Rad 8020
Cedarlane 8060
Charles River Canada (bio-bar only) 8600
Diamed 8350
Fisher Scientific 8050
GE Healthcare Biosciences
(Radioactive only -- order MUST be signed by Health Physics, MUST be placed by Purchasing, requisitioner CANNOT place own order)
Invitrogen Canada 8040
Invitrogen Canada (Bio-bar) 8990
Lordly Jones (Ingrid Ellis only) 2150
Perkin-Elmer Life Sciences (Radioactive only -- order MUST be signed by Health Physics, MUST be placed by Purchasing, requisitioner CANNOT place own order) 8050
Stratagene (Bio-bar) 8300
VWR International 8301
VWR (Bio-bar) Located in SJH 8330
Health Science Stores Only

Christina Gulewitsch , ext 24668

Fisher Scientific 8816
MBI Fermentas 8817
Sigma (HSC) 8048
VWR/Canlab 8818
ABB Stores Only

Christina Gulewitsch, ext 24668

Caledon Laboratories 3141
Fisher Scientific 3070
Sigma/Aldrich (order to be placed by Purchasing only) 5400
VWR/Canlab 3131
Hospitality Services
Al's Catering 9016
Anwah Trading Co 9031
D. Avnet 9032
Blight Enterprises Bulk Foods Distributors 9095
Brewers Retail Inc. 9058
CSP (formerly Rose & LaFlame) 9052
Canadian Linen Supply Co. Ltd. 9045
Canadian Mini Warehouse 9086
Hung Cheung 9057
Clearnet 9051
Coca-Cola Bottling 9070
Complete Rent-Alls (Hamilton) Ltd. 9014
Corporate Foods Ltd. (Dempster's) 9000
George and Joan Drummond (Toronto Star Distributors) 9012
Ecolab Ltd. 9090
Bruce Edmeades Sales Ltd. 9015
Edwards Produce Company 9039
Elco Fine Foods Inc. 9084
Jack Fair (Globe and Mail Distributors) 9074
GFS Canada Inc. 9010
Heritage Duct Maintenance 9041
Home Depot 9026
The Hostess-Frito Lay Co. 9035
Ice Culture 9022
JC's Mechanical Service 9061
J&D Foods 9098
Lac-Mac Ltd. 9096
Liquor Control Board of Ontario 9088
Mark's Work Wearhouse 9072
Edna Miller Flowers 9006
Murphy Distributing Ltd. 9019
National Specialty Cakes 9008
Nella Cutlery (Hamilton) Inc. 9020
Nelson Hofer Associates 9011
Nestle Foodservice 9050
967692 Ontario Inc (Tim Hortons) 9033
Tim Hortons (royalities) 9108
Organic Resources 9034
Parks Market 9103
Pizza Pizza 9037
Queens Pasta 9101
Serca Food Services 9069
Shaw Mobile 9076
Simplex International 9001
Sub-Zero Refrigeration Services 9056
Summit Food Distributors Inc. 9080
Tim Donut Limited 9042
298153 Ontario Ltd. (Castelli Bakery) 9075
Ultima Foods Inc 9021
Valentino's Place 9065
J Valvasori (Financial Post) 9107
Visual Presentations 9108
Waffle Plus 9071
Your Bakery Ltd. 9066

How to do Business at McMaster

October 1996



McMaster University, in conjunction with McGill University, University of Alberta, University of Toronto and University of Ottawa (pilot project) are pleased to advise you that we have implemented a Bank of Montreal (B of M) Purchasing Card program covering our low dollar value purchases of goods and services. The ceiling on these purchases ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 with ours being set at $2,500/transaction, prior to any extra charges.

We have selected the B of M as our Purchasing Card provider because, in addition to them providing all of the benefits you can expect when you accept MasterCard as a method of payment (see attached summary), they have offered us a means of capturing the transaction details of our purchasing activity with your firm through their "Purchase Plus" software system.

Delivery of purchasing activity transaction details is of the utmost importance to Universities and other institutions in the public and para-public sectors since the majority of the money that we spend, particularly research funds, are considered "public" funds and as such are subject to additional audit by the granting agencies. Though we find that we must implement programs such as the Acquisition Card to help us address customer service and current technology issues, we also find it assists us in meeting budget cuts. In addition, we also find that we cannot give up the requirement of receiving transaction details. B of M Purchasing Card is, at this time, the only program offering us delivery of these essential details.

Depleting resources and budgetary pressures dictate that we have our Acquisition Card program fully implemented as quickly as possible. We hope that you are convinced of the potential benefits of the MasterCard Purchasing Card/Purchase Plus program and that we can work together to make it a widely accepted payment mechanism for future McMaster University purchases.

We thank you in advance for your support of our new Acquisition Card program and look forward to your participation, as a preferred supplier, in this initiative. I would appreciate some feedback at your convenience.

Yours sincerely,

Purchasing Resources

Purchasing Card (Acquisition Card) Program
- Summary Listing of Supplier Benefits

As a supplier who accepts the Acquisition Card you will gain a broad range of advantages. These include:

  • Acceleration of Cash Collection
  • Reduction of Credit Risk
  • Reduced Clerical Activity
  • Service to Existing Customer Base
  • Expansion of Customer Base

Acceleration of Cash Collection - Rather than receiving payment 30 to 60 days after the sales, cash is received within one to three days. Reduction of Credit Risk - For transactions paid for by the Acquisition Card, credit risk is shifted from you the supplier to the card issuer. We, as your customer, are liable to repay the card issuer, not you. Reduced Clerical Activity - Clerical activities associated with traditional purchasing mechanisms are significantly reduced in four areas: credit, collections, billing and payment.


Credit - You will save the time and cost associated with performing credit checks on your customers who pay with the Acquisition Card. As Acquisition Card use expands to include a large number of small-to-medium sized businesses, so will the savings.
Collection - By accepting Acquisition Cards you will no longer need to perform activities to collect past-due accounts. Acquisition Cards will eliminate the non-value-adding effort and costs associated with calling and letter writing to collect past-due accounts. In addition, you will no longer incur fees to collection agencies, and accounting and administrative work associated with bad debt estimation will be eliminated. Indeed, bad debt itself will be eliminated with the use of Acquisition Cards.
Billing - By accepting Acquisition Cards, fewer invoices will be processed, which will result in less work to post to accounts receivable, prepare mailings and file paperwork. Naturally, the number of forms processed and postage costs will be reduced. In addition, your accounts receivable personnel will no longer need to track and accumulate purchases made under blanket purchase order authorization. Similar to our savings in our payables processes this is the area, your billing/receivables processes, where you can expect significant savings from adopting the Acquisition Card.
Payment - Fewer invoices mean less time spent in receiving and reconciling to our remittances, applying cash, posting checks and making deposits.


Service Existing Customer Base - By accepting Acquisition Cards your firm will position itself to maintain your business relationship with existing accounts that implement Acquisition Card programs.

Expansion of Customer Base - By accepting Acquisition Cards your company may experience increased sales, as buyers shift purchases from suppliers who will accept Acquisition Cards to card-capable vendors.